Sidral Mundet Celebrates its 120th Anniversary, Launches “From Mexico with Love” Campaign

The iconic Mexican apple soda, Sidral Mundet, revealed its new brand refresh just in time for its 120-year celebration and the launch of its campaign, “From Mexico with Love.” Sidral Mundet is part of the Novamex portfolio, one of the top Hispanic product exporters in the United States.

The new slogan, “From Mexico with Love,” pays homage to the brand’s origins and traditional Mexican culture, while the updated logo and packaging provide a fresh perspective on timeless traditions for this apple-flavored beverage.

Inspired by the classic “agua fresca” drink, Sidral Mundet is a Mexican apple soda that has been a staple in traditional Mexican culture and family households for decades. Its vibrant flavor is regarded as one of the most popular in Mexico, as its refreshing and uplifting taste embodies the richness and timelessness of Mexican heritage and values that are adored and preserved through generations.

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Sidral Mundet dates back to 1902 when founder Arturo Mundet came to Mexico and established a cork company that served winemakers and wineries in the country. Taking inspiration from his native country’s traditional cider beverage, known in Spanish as sidra, Mundet crafted an apple-flavored soft drink using a unique pasteurization method that ensures the beverage is sterile throughout the bottling process and preserves the delicacy of the apple flavor taste.

“Sidral Mundet is the embodiment of the subtle magic that lives within each occasion spent with the people you love — from a casual kitchen conversation with a close friend to toasting the birth of a brand-new family member,” said Jorge Gamboa, Sidral Mundet Brand Manager. “We can’t wait for our fans to continue enjoying their favorite apple soda and celebrating 120 years of pure apple magic with us.” 

The new logo has a simplified, modern look with a retro feel to emphasize the longevity of the brand, and the bold red apple takes center stage on the bottle’s packaging. The new color palette was inspired by the different apple colors. Sidral Mundet will be promoting the “From Mexico with Love” campaign with paid media, influencers, events, and in-store signage throughout 2023.

Novamex markets a variety of Mexican food and beverage brands, including Jarritos, Sidral Mundet, and Sangria Señorial, each brand being a leader in its category in Mexico and widely recognized by Mexican American consumers in the US. Novamex owns most brands and distribution rights to the remaining brands in the US through partnerships and long-term distribution contracts. The company was founded in 1987 with its founder’s vision to offer its products to families in the United States.