With Zumbapica, All Snacks are Irresistible

For more than two decades, the Mexican company Zumbapica has been dedicated to manufacturing tamarind and chili candies. The particular combination of its fruit and spicy flavors, its quality, and the innovation of its products has allowed them to conquer the Mexican market and expand into numerous regions of the United States.

Zumbapica products are made with the best ingredients to satisfy the cravings of the most demanding consumers. Because of their versatility in the snacking segment by adding them to fruits, chips, popcorn, pizza, and even for adventurous cooks to prepare their dishes or using them to season barbecue, they are now a trend among consumers.

The FORRITOS apple covers of tamarind with chili are Zumbapica’s differentiating product. However, the other line of FORRITOS that offers a range of intense flavors includes FORRITOS Chilito, Chilito Fire, Pulpa Chamoy, and Pulpa Fire.

Other Zumbapica products that are also conquering the palates of the general public are Tirolos, Trirolos Mini, Zumbaleta, Zumbarica, Zumba Hot, Limoncho, and Zumba Acidin.

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California is Zumbapica’s primary market, but in recent years the company has been expanding the distribution of its product line in Texas by partnering with strategic wholesalers and distributors to meet demand in independent Hispanic supermarkets.

They have also successfully partnered with key distributors, wholesalers, and DSD operators in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, and Chicago. The Hispanic independent retail community has welcomed Zumbapica’s products because of their strong consumer acceptance.

Forritos Chilito has become so popular that their consumption crosses cultural barriers to become a mainstream product. This has been seen in the Northeast, such as New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware, where Hispanics are not necessarily Mexican. Still, Zumbapica products have been adopted and are rotating well on store shelves. 

Distributors and supermarkets interested in offering Zumbapica products to their customers can contact Pedro Guzman at (832) 898-6704 or by email: [email protected], visit their website and also find them on social media: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok @zumbapica.com.