Salsas Castillo is Recognized By Abasto Media

Abasto presented a plaque of recognition to its partners during the Expo ANTAD and Alimentaria 2016. During the event, Abasto thanked Salsas Castillo for making the difference in the sauces industry every day to increase the Hispanic food and beverage market.

Salsas Castillo, one of the leading brands in the industry was there to receive this award from media supply.

History of Salsas Castillo

A company dedicated to the manufacture of sauces, committed to quality, innovation and variety, with the aim of satisfying consumers and customers, always through the best flavor and better differentiated service.


Distinguished worldwide for the quality of their sauces, as well as the innovation and variety that they bring to customers, shelves, and tables through products that enrich the taste of their foods. As well as by the integral development of our human capital


To be indispensable in the kitchen and on the shelves for their customers.


Customer and consumer innovation.
Integral development of people.
Responsible for the society.


Salsa Habanera Verde

Green habanero sauces. To accompany a variety of dishes. Chile from a careful selection of authentic habanero chile, one of the spiciest in the world, to enjoy from Mexican food.

Salsa Marisquera

With the spicy flavor that’s exquisite all dishes, especially the seafood. Prepared with the perfect blend of peppers and spices. It is an indispensable ingredient at the table when serving fish and seafood: shrimp, ceviche, wines, cocktails, oysters, grilled fish, breaded or steamed. Everything is delicious.

Salsa Picante Negra

The authentic flavor of this seasoning sauce has a light but delicious touch of spice, is the main ingredient for lovers of good eating. Suitable for the whole family, is the perfect mix for oriental food, seafood, meat, poultry, and snacks. This delicious sauce is made with the same quality that characterizes our products.

Salsa Chiltepin

With the traditional delicious spicy taste for all the dishes . It is made to be the main ingredient in dishes of meat, poultry, and snacks. Its blend of natural ingredients: Chiltepin Chile and spices, giving the flavor and ideal quality representing our brand.

Habanera Roja

Red habanero sauces. They are present to accompany a variety of dishes. They are the product of a careful selection of authentic habanero chile, one of the spiciest in the world, to enjoy from Mexican food to all sorts of seafood and pasta