Minsa Continues Its Success With Abasto Media

Abasto presented a plaque of recognition to Minsa during the Expo ANTAD and Alimentaria 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Minsa is one of the leading brands in the industry of flour that was there to receive this award from Abasto Media.

History of Minsa

Born at the beginning of the 1950s, Minsa began with the pioneers of the development of industrialized cornmeal.

Over time they have followed the trends of the market in order to provide their customers and consumers with the innovative, customized and healthy products that have covered and satisfied all of the consumers’ expectations.

Today Minsa is a company that is proud to serve more than 8000 customers across the world, leading the globalization of food based on corn due to their famous brand of cornmeal.

The acquisition of the distinctive ESR is a way for them to demonstrate their commitment to the entire society in general. Similarly, this is not only a representation of numbers but a philosophy and way of work focused on creating benefits to the internal and external regions of the company.

The record demand of corn by the farmers from the five continents required them to do their best to place the corn at the head of the global crop.

Maize and products made from corn improve the lives of people in hundreds of ways. Often, consumers do not even know the presence of corn, and still less known is the role it plays. But if the maize and derived products are not available, many common products would be more expensive, less useful, or would not even exist.

Corn is subject to technological change by its high capacity for adaptation to the procedures, which is considered the species of plants most studied in the world.