Dulces la Molienda Wins an Award

Abasto Media presented plaques of appreciation to their partners during the Expo ANTAD and Alimentaria 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Dulces la Molienda, was one of major brands that received this great recognition from Abasto Media at the Expo.

Getting to know Dulces La Molienda

We are a group of companies in the North of Mexico, which, since 1976, we are dedicated with passion to the production and marketing of typical products the Mexican consumed by tradition, quality and taste.


Their products, whether they are of sweets, confectionery, bakery, snacks, sauces, pulps, granolas, chilies, etc. are made with original recipes, natural ingredients and, mainly, under strict quality standards that facilitate US export to the world.


To be the main exporting products typical Mexican Mexican company


Their brand to become synonymous with quality in typical Mexican consumer products.


Quality, Honesty, Fairness

The shapes, colors and the taste of our their candies, are part of the great culinary wealth that characterizes Mexico.

The art of the “sweet” or “confectionery” is an old tradition that is practiced since pre-Hispanic times in Mexico. Its range was subsequently enriched by contributions of Jewish, Arab and Spanish recipes, mainly.

Today, typical sweet artisan, is part of the identity of Mexicans and they are the heritage of our culture.

For all of the above, Dulces la Molienda strives to maintain and promote, in Mexico and in the world, the flavor and the joy of their delicious sweets.

They have 5 major groups of candies, according to its main ingredients:

  1. Sweet milk
  2. Coconut sweets
  3. Sweet cereals
  4. Crystallized sweets
  5. Ates and chilies