Presidente Supermarkets Opened Store in West Palm Beach

Presidente Supermarkets, one of the largest Hispanic-owned supermarkets in the United States, has opened a new store in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The store is at 2505 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth, and opened on September 13. It features 44,000 square feet and a cafeteria with fresh, homemade food ready to eat.

The store brings new life to the area, occupying a vacant space with a large Caribbean population. Also, this is Presidente Supermarket’s sixth store in West Palm Beach.

Presidente Supermarkets is a family-owned business based in Miami. Omar Rodriguez, the owner, founded it more than 30 years ago to focus on underserved neighborhoods. The company’s philosophy has always been to provide customers with high-quality food and excellent customer service at an affordable price.

“The combination of our great prices and value, along with the quality of our customer service, has helped us build a loyal customer base in Florida, and we are proud to be able to open two new stores to continue serving our customers in their communities,” said Rodriguez.

“During these difficult times, Presidente Supermarkets has stood by our customers and stands ready to continue to invest in our community through job creation and economic investment in their neighborhoods.”

More About Presidente Supermarkets

Presidente Supermarkets calls itself a big supermarket with a small, hometown feel.

They are neighbors and convenient. However, they are very well-equipped and affordable. They have a variety of foods and products that merge with American culture. Nevertheless, they cater to the needs of each family.

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The company’s success is partly due to its focus on serving neighborhoods that supermarket chains would otherwise ignore.

Today, Presidente Supermarkets has 45 stores throughout Florida and is one of the largest Hispanic-owned supermarkets in the United States. The company employs more than 3,000 Floridians.

“We are proud to provide underserved and immigrant communities with the products they need and use daily, and that reminds them of home at the best prices,” said Rodriguez.