Padilla Offers New Export Opportunities

Representatives from the Padilla Import Sales and Marketing Group in the Expo ANTAD 2016. From left to right: Don Priamo Gamboa, Leobardo Delgado, José Luis Gamboa, Amy Colella, Marisol Padilla, Victor Padilla Fernando Herrera, Sonia Trevino y José Perales.

The Mexican culture has become popular in the United States due to both Mexican immigrants and their American descendants.

Several Market Studies conclude that not only are these immigrants buying traditional Mexican products in U.S stores, but that first, second, third, and even fourth generation Mexican descendants are buying them as well.

Said products purchased by the Mexican community are not specific to food and beverages, the products purchased are of everything related to the Mexican culture, from molcajetes all the way to familiar laundry detergents “found mainly in Mexico”.

The Padilla Group. (from left to right): José Perales, Ari Sanemeterio, Victor Padilla, Manny Sanchez

Padilla Imports: The Solution to the Market

“Although the taste of any single unaltered product is the same regardless of its brand, every consumer has different habits and different ‘traditional’ products in each of their families”

Another trend that has been observed is the difference in spending between American consumers and consumers with Mexican roots. On average, this difference totals to 20% more in favor of Mexican consumers. This percentage is key information for other companies that want to bring their products into the North American market. For this to happen successfully, they need a partner that has extensive knowledge of the market.

“Although the taste of any single unaltered product is the same regardless of its brand, every consumer has different habits and different ‘traditional’ products in each of their families”, said Amy Colella, Vice President of the multinational.

Amy Colella also mentioned that the company’s work is not only limited to exports. They also sell, distribute, and market to the companies which they work with.

With more than 30 years of experience, Padilla is now redesigning the marketing of the brand in the U.S. Market. Two of the brands have been in business for decades now: La Morena and El Yucateco. Padilla’s contribution includes the management of social networks and online advertising. This has been a field of growth for Padilla in the recent years.

Padilla reaches out to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico; and they are fully committed to their cooperative companies. They practically do everything that factories do (marketing, advertising, distribution, etc). The only function they do not do is the direct manufacturing the products, said Victor Padilla, President of the Imports company.

The Padilla Group: Dan Calhoun, President of Abasto magazine, awarding a plaque of gratitude to Leobardo Delgaro and Jose Perales

Mexican companies that approach have the benefit that the company offers the opportunity to introduce new products with greater ease, knowledge of the market and the strategies for their success. Another extra that they provide are competitive prices, and distribution due to its already established chain. In addition to the Mexican products, Padilla imports to the United States from Asia, Europe, and Central America.