Oaxaca Holds First Mezcal International Forum ‘Vive Mezcal’

What is the future of Mezcal? The Historic International Forum “Vive Mezcal 2019” is here to answer this question and more about the Mezcal industry.

From September 12 to 14, 2019, at the Cultural and of Convention Center of Oaxaca located in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico will be the epicenter for the first-ever international expo of this popular spirit.

This Mexican drink has evolved alongside Mexican culture and history for centuries. The word ‘Mezcal’ comes from Nahuatl mexcalli, which means “oven-cooked agave,” from metl and ixcalli. It is a product with an appellation of origin in Mexico and has Oaxaca as its leading producer and exporter.

Around the world, Mezcal has solidly positioned itself as a popular drink. It has been growing exponentially, achieving in the last six years, a 195% growth in the number of brands exported to 64 countries, among which the United States, Spain, Germany, France, and England stand out.

Vive Mezcal International Forum seeks to strengthen and boost the Oaxaca’s Mezcal supply chain. Promoters want to build a unique experience that amplifies, integrates the ecosystem and positions Oaxaca as the number one world referent of Mezcal.

Secretary of Economy of the state of Oaxaca Lic. Juan Pablo Guzmán Cobián, president of the Organizing Committee, together with the secretary of Tourism Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos, have been conducting a series of activities and meetings in Los Angeles to promote this World-class event.

Vive Mezcal International Forum: What to Expect

Vive Mezcal is an initiative that seeks to consolidate Mexico and Oaxaca as the epicenter of the Mezcal industry, where all the voices and players come together.

“Vive Mezcal” is expected to attract more than 12,000 attendees who will have a chance to tour the venue, a museography event, and the Mezcal Magistral lounge.”

Other activities include:

  • Business hubs
  • Workshops
  • Invest in Mezcal business meetings
  • More than 30 artistic and cultural events
  • 12 Master Conferences
  • More than 40 exhibitors
  • 150 Mezcal brands/manufacturers
  • And many more activities

In the United States, the consumption of this emblematic Oaxacan drink has exploded in popularity. In cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Miami is becoming more and more prominent to drink.

There are more than 700 brands of Mezcal and more than 800 producers, of which 90 percent are from the state of Oaxaca where about 4.7 million liters were generated in 2018 alone.

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“Today, Mezcal has become an agent for economic development in the different Mexican States, but above all, Oaxaca stands out. Why? Do you ask? It’s because Oaxaca has the most abundant biodiversity in Mexico in terms of agave cultivation and production”, said Guzmán Cobián.

Mezcal or mescal is a Mexican distilled alcoholic beverage than can be made from more than 30 varieties of agave, unlike tequila that can only be produced from a single type, Blue or Tequilana weber agave.

This drink is a symbol of cultural and social background for Oaxaca.

Today, with this event, the opportunity to consolidate Oaxaca and Mezcal as one is possible.

Vive Mezcal 2019 is a free event, to register to visit www.vivemezcal2019.com