Northgate González Hosting 23rd Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway

Northgate Gonzalez, the main Latino supermarket in California has everything you need to celebrate Christmas.

Northgate González Market began the Christmas celebrations early this weekend with its 23rd. annual toy giveaway, bringing smiles to more than 47,600 children throughout Southern California.

«For everyone at Northgate González Market, it’s one of our favorite times of the year. Watching children’s eyes light up when they see Santa Claus and the employees in our stores dressed up as goblins handing out toys makes everything worth it, ”said co-president Miguel González. “We would like to greatly thank our Coca Cola support partners, PepsiCo. and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group «.

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The families were also able to make their purchases and prepare for the Christmas celebration while taking photos with Santa. The 41 Northgate Gonzalez Market supermarkets in southern California have everything customers need for their holiday season parties. They can find a great assortment of tamales, sweet dough made with pineapple or ingredients for traditional Mexican hot drinks such as Punch, Champurrado and Atole.

The annual delivery of toys is a way in which the Gonzalez family shares their gratitude with their loyal customers. Grocery stores are more than a place for families to buy food. For almost 40 years, Northgate González Market strives to make each supermarket a valuable part of the community where they hold their operations.