Northgate González Market Presents “Asada Fest”

Northgate Gonzalez Market presents the “Asada Fest” culinary event for the first time, inspired by authentic Mexican food, music, and culture.

It will be like attending a traditional “carne asada” party with tacos, live music, and lucha libre on July 13 in Los Angeles.

The Hispanic supermarket chain will bring Robegrill, Javier Plascencia, Claudette Zepeda, Yesenia Rios, Heritage BBQ and more to the heart of Los Angeles.

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Grilling at Asada Fest

The event promises to be the largest Carne Asada in Los Angeles.

The inaugural “Asada Fest” will be filled with “Los Meros Meros” – the best of the best – sizzling meat on mesquite grills, pouring drinks from various regions of Mexico, serving the most authentic tacos, and vibrant Banda sounds, and more on Saturday, July 13, 2024, at Rolling Greens Arts District, 1005 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA.

Paying homage to the 40-year legacy of Los Meros Meros de la Carne Asada, Northgate Market butchers, attendees will be able to enjoy delicious recipes by notable Chefs like – Baja’s most prolific chef, Javier Plascencia, who helped define Baja California’s Michelin Guide-recognized food scene for the last 20 years, San Diego’s Claudette Zepeda of Top Chef fame, viral RobeGrill “Que Chille” social media sensation coming directly from the northeast badlands of Hermosillo, Sonora, Yesenia Rios from Tijuana’s prestigious Culinary Arts School, and Chef Daniel Castillo of Heritage Barbecue, a self-made California institution in San Juan Capistrano that is known for its hours-long lines and melt-in-your-mouth Chicano-style smoked meats. And last but not least, Sonora’s most celebrated Cocinera Tradicional, specializing in the art of butchering whole cows for asada, Nereida Vejar, as seen on Netflix’s Taco Chronicles. This culinary experience is being curated in partnership with published cooking writer, Paola Briseño Gonzalez.

Tacos at Asada Fest

Northgate Gonzalez Markets also hand-selected L.A.’s top taqueros, including 2023 TACO MADNESS Champions, Tacos La Carreta, emerging Sonoran-style asada stars Mochomitos from Whittier, Tacos La Rueda specializing in juicy asada in the style of Ciudad Obregón, the fastest taqueros in East Los Angeles, Tacos Don Cuco de Tijuana, and the classically trained experimental taco mastermind, Macheen.

Live Music and Lucha Libre

In between bites, you’ll be able to enjoy live cooking demos, vibrant music from Mi Banda El Mexicano de Casimiro singing their iconic original songs like “La Bota” and “Baile de Caballito,” electrifying lucha libre matches, and photo opportunities with the legendary luchador Hijo del Santo.

“We are thrilled to present the first-ever Asada Fest in Los Angeles. It will be an extraordinary culinary event highlighting our Latino community’s rich traditions and vibrant Mexican culture,” said Northgate González Market Co-CEO Oscar González. “For many families, ‘la carne asada’ is more than just a meal; it’s a time-honored tradition that brings everyone together, creating lasting memories over delicious food, lively music, and fun conversations.”


There are two ticket prices: a general admission and a VIP Experience; both are for people over 21 years old.

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