La Tortillería Winter Show, hotter than ever!

While the low temperatures of November 14 marked a new record for this time of year, the feeling of a warm business atmosphere filled the facilities of La Tortillería, a Hispanic product distribution company, based in Winston Salem, NC, where its traditional Winter Food Show was held.

This year, La Tortillería moved the event to a new area in its warehouse, specially equipped to better accommodate the suppliers and customers who participated in the show. According to its organizers, there was a considerable increase in participants, exceeding expectations of attendance, and in the volume of business that took place during the eight hours of the food trade show.

“It was another year in which we broke records. We continue to exceed the numbers of past events due to the increase in the participation of customers and suppliers. It was a great family event, and we were very satisfied with the results, ”said Rick Calabro, sales manager at La Tortillería, in an interview with Abasto Media.

For the leaders of the Hispanic product distribution company, it has always been essential that attendees at their trade shows feel like family and their Winter Food Show was no exception.

“La Tortillería is our main client on the East Coast, and always in this food show we do very well with them,” said Antonio Castro, Area Manager Sr. at Klass Time. Also, he said that he felt much more comfortable in the new area that was prepared for the exhibition floor. “here there is more comfort, although there is less space for each booth, customers find it easier to tour the place and so It has benefited us so much. This change was a success of La Tortillería.”

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For Armando Crespo, general director of Dulces de La Rosa, it was a pleasant experience to attend the Winter Show for the first time. “De La Rosa is a leader in the confectionery market in the United States and (from Mexico) we send over 600 trucks a year. La Tortillería is a very dear customer of ours, and I look forward to what this Hispanic food distributor is doing, “

The Padilla Group, which represents El Yucateco, La Morena, and Don Víctor brands, has been part of the trade show for several years. Sonia Treviño, the company East Regional Sales Manager, said they were very pleased with the event. “A lot of people have come today, and we have done quite well, it has been a good meeting point,” said Trevino.

Manzela’s National Sales Manager, Esteban Cuéllar, found it excellent that La Tortillería changed the location of the exhibition floor because “with the cold weather outside, people in here feel closer, this place feels more welcoming. We had a very busy morning with many clients. I think it has been one of the best shows we have ever had.”

“This year was the biggest show we ever had in the history of our company. We have been doing shows for the last ten years, and it is unbelievable the participation of our vendors and customers and gets bigger and bigger every year. I believe there was a great turnout, and everyone enjoyed the show, and we are going to have a lot of sales, that’s all about,” said Dan Coward buyer of La Tortillería.

Photo Gallery of La Tortillería Winter Show