Hispanic Shoppers are Leading in Purchasing Power

Hispanic shoppers are found to be more profitable than total U.S. shoppers and shop more frequently across all grocery trip types. According to the 6th Edition of The Why? Behind The Buy™ U.S. Hispanic Shopper Study, an annual report released by Acosta, a leading full-service sales and marketing agency in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry, and Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America, Hispanic shoppers with kids spend over $150 more each year versus total U.S. shoppers.

A big part of this positive profit is due to Hispanics bringing family members along when they shop. Many bring their children, which results in more influence over grocery purchase decisions.

“Hispanic consumers are key drivers in the CPG and grocery retail categories. When marketing to them, it is essential for brands to understand the role family plays in the grocery shopping experience,” said Liz Sanderson, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Insights, UCI. “Bringing a family member along, particularly children, is more than likely to influence Hispanic consumers’ purchasing decision, helping to introduce new products, which translates to an exploration of new items.”

According to the study, most U.S. shoppers are found to shop alone, whereas Hispanics bring not only their children, but spouses, extended family members and even friends. In fact, 79% of Hispanic shoppers shop with someone else: spouse (47%) and children (35%).

Hispanic children are more likely to influence grocery purchases

The study also goes on to add that Hispanic children are more likely to influence grocery purchase decisions in many categories, such as cereal (30 percent), salty snacks (28 percent) and chocolate candy (24 percent), in comparison to kids in U.S. shopper households.

In a typical month, Hispanic shoppers reported making an average of 3.1 stock-up trips at the grocery store, while total U.S. shoppers indicated averaging 2.7 stock-up trips.

Hispanics also seem to enjoy the shopping experience and exploring new products. For example, the study showed that 61% of Hispanics enjoyed the process of buying ingredients for their meal vs. a 52% of U.S. shoppers. Fifty-five percent of Hispanic shoppers agreed they often try new flavors and products (versus 51 percent of total U.S. shoppers) and 47% percent of Hispanic shoppers also agreed that they buy grocery brands that are authentic to their heritage in comparison to 25% of total U.S. shoppers.

With information from PR Newswire