First Hispanic Retail Jobs website launched in the United States

The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce launched America’s First Hispanic Retail Job Website.

Through the website both applicants and employers will have a direct and easily accessible service to fill the vacancies that are created within the Hispanic Retail sector, according to the chamber of commerce.


  1. To facilitate the effectiveness of recruitment and placement of Hispanic job seekers in the United States.
  2. To assist job seekers in finding a suitable position and trade, as well as to assist employers in recruiting human resources appropriate to their needs.
  3. Reduce the costs of hiring associates.
  4. Increase job seekers’ opportunities to access the Hispanic Retail job market by directing candidates with the professional skills required by employers to available positions.
  5. Promote formalized and professionalized Hispanic Retail hiring.
  6. Contribute to the long-term growth of Hispanic retail businesses and labor productivity in the United States.

How Does it Work?

The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce through its Employment Website will directly assist with job placement, being the link between the job seeker and the company that has openings available.

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  • A registry of both candidates and employers is maintained.
  • Job seekers are oriented and informed about new vacancies.
  • Employers are oriented and job seekers are referred to available vacancies.
  • Communication strategies are developed between HRCOC, the candidates, and the employing supermarket chains, taking into account the situation of the labor market and the objectives set by HRCOC.
  • The services offered by the HRCOC are publicized.
  • Support is given in the functions of recruitment of employers offering vacancies, giving them assistance for registration in the Permanent Stock Exchange of Hispanic Retail Professionals.
  • Assistance is given in the creation of the required profiles for each job position.
  • It assists in the publication of vacancies as well as detecting the training needs of their positions and in the organization of employment days that have the objective of covering these vacancies.
  • With the Occupational Orientation, assistance is provided to job seekers to detect and channel the technical and educational training needs required.
  • Provide individual and group guidance to facilitate job placement.
  • Offer occupational orientation services.

New Challenges

“With the launch of this Job Portal and the newly created HRCOC Human Resources Department led by Alejandro Goldberg, we are taking a step forward with the professionalization, modernization, and current competitiveness of the Hispanic Retail sector in the United States,” said Julio Ibañez, president of the HRCOC. “In addition, Hispanic Retail Jobs will also be a training and educational platform for all companies and retail professionals seeking growth within the Supermarket sector,” added Ibáñez.

The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce (HRCOC) was born with the purpose of giving the importance that the Hispanic retail sector in the United States deserves with the effort, work, preparation and dedication of the entire team of the Chamber and the entities, companies and professionals that have joined together to raise the potential of Hispanic retail to highly competitive levels in the face of the great challenges of today’s retail sector as well as the difficult global situation that is being experienced due to the pandemic, the organization said in a statement.