Hispanics United Through Our Supermarkets

With practically 60 million Hispanics living in the United States, we have reached a historical peak of our large and landmark population and we are leading the so-called “minority”. Such growth is seen as a statistical name but if we extrapolate it to the world of our supermarkets it’s a different story.

This growth of our community is based on a strong identification with the so-called American dream by Hispanics, making us an impressive and consolidated social, political, and business force.

Hispanics offer to the entire nation stores updated to the second decade of the 21st century, more practical and comfortable, as well as efficient, with a variety of “smart assortments” in the areas of food, cleaning, and personal hygiene products.

The evolution of our supermarkets has been so significant that several of the best-known chains of Latin origin would be identified only by their original name since, in their aisles, there is hardly any difference between being in one of them or an organic or premium supermarket of presence throughout the nation.

All this without renouncing its culture and original vision, thanks to the growth and maturity of our Latino community, as well as the great professionalism acquired over decades of uninterrupted presence in our society.

Hispanics & The Covid-19 crisis

One of the great successes of Hispanic retail in 2020 has been to be pioneers and respond first of all to all the needs of our communities.

Since the beginning of the crisis, our supermarkets have put the safety of our customers and associates ahead of us, even knowing that we were giving up higher sales, due to time restrictions and limitations of customers per store.

We have been able to give light to “proximity” retail, nearby stores, and with ease of making purchases in the shortest amount of time, launching home delivery services and in-store collection in record time, earning us the total confidence of our clients to make their periodic purchases with us.

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We have ensured the complete supply of our supermarkets at all times without causing breakages or shortages of inventory, always supplying the demand for products, both fresh and the rest of the store assortment.

Fresh produce is the key

One of the areas for which the customer will make the final decision to visit our supermarkets will be the fresh produce area. We can have the best assortment in supermarkets throughout the city, the best prices. Still, if the fresh produce that we offer to our customers does not reach the minimum presentation and quality, we will be losing the battle of competitiveness.

For this, the choice of suppliers of fresh produce will have a decisive influence on our objectives. Produce suppliers should be like our strategic partners, where we can also participate in their day-to-day activities at the production plants, inspecting and ensuring the quality and freshness of the products that will later arrive at our supermarkets.

If, with all that we are experiencing in 2020, our retail has been at the level of the largest, we can only move forward and open ourselves to a future full of successes for retail and the entire community of Hispanics in the United States.