Crotilla: Walmart unveils an exclusive hybrid pastry

The Crotilla is already on the shelves of 832 Walmart bakeries across the country. What is this new product that even the big television shows such as the “Today Show” have given it air time?

This new type of bread was invented by Walmart as Crotilla. It is a croissant and tortilla hybrid that seeks to conquer customers’ taste, especially the generation of millennials, which Walmart says ” are hungry for new food trends and cool ways to experience food.”

This new style of hybrid bread, described as a “flatbread”, can be used for everything from breakfast sandwiches to Indian food or by replacing the tortillas in the making of some of the classic Mexican dishes.

Walmart worked with its supplier Aryzta to create a mash-up of two products, tortilla and croissant. It’s an invention similar to the “Cronut”, which is a mixture of croissant and doughnut that caused a sensation a few years ago.

What to do with the Crotilla

Bradlee Underwood, senior buyer for Walmart Bakery, explained that with the Crotilla they are looking to present a perfect product for the consumer to enjoy in any occasion. ” That meant everything from making the shape correct – the perfect size to fit in a toaster – to ensuring the Crotilla had enough layers. One thing we are especially proud of is the Crotilla’s high quality: It’s made with all butter, and baked fresh in our bakery every day.”

When it comes to the versatility of the product, so that both adults and kids can enjoy, Walmart has some suggestions on how you can eat the Crotilla. For example, at breakfast you can add Nutella and bananas, while at lunch or at dinner you can create a hamburger by replacing the bread with the Crotilla. You can also create a mini pizza.

Also, Mexican food lovers can use the Crotilla to give a new style to the preparation of their tacos, tostadas or quesadillas.

When Walmart invented the Crotilla, Underwood said that they wanted to help busy customers save not only money but also time. “Our millennial customers will appreciate the convenience factor – Crotillas are portable and perfect for a meal or a snack on the go.”