Amstel Xlight Embraces The Biggest Workout Of All- Life

Amstel Xlight is redefining how light beer fits into an active lifestyle. Starting February, beer drinkers in Arizona, Texas, and Massachusetts will learn how Amstel Xlight is the first beer to embrace fitness in all forms, and how with only 90 calories, 2 grams of carbs, 4.2% ABV, and 4 IBUs, Amstel Xlight complements their version of an active lifestyle. Amstel Xlight embraces fitness for everyday people, who exercise to stay in shape, are active for the sheer fun of it, and for whom life is their workout.

“Life is busy,” says Jessica Robinson, VP, Amstel. “Drinkers recognize the challenges of juggling life while trying to stay fit and are looking for a beer that doesn’t weigh them down or hold them back,” continues Robinson. “Being fit is important, whether that means keeping up on a treadmill or keeping up with family. That’s okay, because life is so much more than what happens in the gym. We’re reaching out to beer drinkers who have figured out how to stay fit and still have a life.”

The new “Fit for Real Life” marketing campaign beginning in February in Arizona, Texas, and Massachusetts invites consumers to embrace life’s workout, while choosing a light and refreshing beer they can feel good about. A social engagement platform that includes a series of digital videos position Amstel Xlight as the obvious choice for consumers who strive for an active lifestyle; a lifestyle defined not by intense, high-energy workouts, but by everyday efforts like tricep dips between two twin beds or high knees while getting the paper in the morning. The spots all end with the tag, “The 2 carb, 90 calorie beer that’s fit for real life.”

“The new campaign adds a clever, humorous twist to the everyday workout that is life,” Robinson continued. “We want to celebrate the little decisions, like choosing a low-carb, low-calorie beer that complements an everyday active lifestyle. The campaign is light and refreshing, just like Amstel Xlight.”

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Amstel Xlight is the official Beer of the 2018 Spartan Race

GSD&M, a creAmstel Xlightatively-driven, full-service agency located in Austin, TX is responsible for the new campaign. “It’s inspiring to work with a forward-thinking brand like Amstel Xlight at Heineken USA,” said J.B. Raftus, CMO at GSD&M. “They recognized the big opportunity that the low calorie/low carb segment presented and then created a liquid we could credibly position to real people as an antidote to the unrealistic images that most beer marketing puts forth. ‘Fit For Real Life’ resonates because it’s authentic and relevant to peoples’ lives, and consumers are hungry for brands who recognize that.”

In keeping with its “Fit for Real Life” message, Amstel Xlight is the Official Beer of 2018 Spartan Race in Arizona, Texas and Massachusetts. Spartan Race is the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand, putting on over 200 events across more than 30 countries this year alone. “Spartan athletes lead healthy, active lifestyles that include training hard, eating right and preparing their minds for life’s obstacles,” said Spartan VP of Global Partnerships Ian Lawson. “We only partner with like-minded brands that share our passion for healthy living, and Amstel Xlight allows the Spartan community to enjoy a great tasting beer while maintaining their carb, nutrition and fitness goals.”