Heineken Asks: ‘Drink OR Drive?’ in New Ad Campaign

Heineken announced its ‘Drink OR Drive’ campaign to change consumer behavior and promote responsible decision-making over the holidays.

Every day, social pressures and behavioral norms interfere with responsible decision-making. According to a global study by Heineken, 77% of respondents think there are circumstances where it is acceptable to drink and drive, while 49% get ‘caught up having fun’ and find it hard to plan ahead.

From November 3, 2017, to January 3, 2018, Heineken is using the Evite digital invitation platform to encourage consumers aged 21+ to decide early on – at the point of RSVP – whether they will be drinking or driving at holiday events and celebrations.

As part of the campaign, Evite users in 11 cities will also receive discounted Uber rides from Heineken.

Through this new partnership with Evite and Uber, Heineken is encouraging everyone to plan ahead so that they can enjoy the holiday season more safely and responsibly.

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As part of its commitment to advocate responsible consumption, Heineken is examining the expression “don’t drink and drive.” The ‘and’ connector innately implies that the two activities go together. By replacing the word ‘and’ with ‘or,’ Heineken is asking consumers to make a choice: Drink OR Drive.

Drink OR Drive Campaign Promotes Better Decision-Making

“The ‘Drink OR Drive’ campaign aims to influence more responsible decision-making. This isn’t about discouraging drinking – it’s about rewarding people who are making responsible decisions early on about whether they will be drinking or driving during festivities,” said Stephanie Johnston, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Heineken USA. “That’s why Heineken is offering Uber discount codes as a reward to consumers who make either choice. As long as you pick either drinking or driving – never both – you deserve to be rewarded.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Heineken, a company that shares our commitment to bringing people together,” added Victor Cho, Chief Executive Officer of Evite. “We fully support their ongoing efforts to reduce the risk of drunk driving by helping to change attitudes and behaviors. Our partnership over the holidays will help give our hosts and guests peace of mind, while reinforcing the importance of this issue.”

Responsible consumption is key to the sustainable growth of Heineken’s business and is part of the company’s Brewing a Better World platform, which is woven into ethos of the company. Since 2004, the ‘Enjoy Heineken Responsibly’ campaign has made responsible consumption and moderation aspirational to consumers globally. ‘Drink OR Drive’ is just one of many U.S. activations, which includes the Health Alliance on Alcohol, a national public initiative to prevent underage drinking.