Allegiance Retail Services Welcomes Brigido’s Fresh Markets as a New Member

Allegiance Retail Services, a grocery co-op owned by retailers, announced the addition of three Brigido’s Fresh Markets to their roster of independently owned supermarkets.

The stores located in Rhode Island were acquired by independent grocers Michael and Melissa Fernandez, who were already members of the Allegiance co-op and operating stores under the Foodtown banner.

Initially established by Augusto Brigido in 1943, the supermarkets were part of the Brigido family for over 80 years.

“This was an ideal opportunity for our family,” said Michael Fernandez on purchasing the three Brigido’s Fresh Markets.

“We wanted to expand our footprint and, as a family, hoped to move further up the east coast. When Brigido’s markets became available, it was a perfect match for both families. The Brigido’s were looking to sell the markets to someone who would run them as a family-run fresh market, and we only operate family-owned stores,” Fernandez added.

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The Fernandez Family owns and operates three other stores and has been in the supermarket business for over 30 years.

Fernadez continued, “It’s a tough business today, but my wife and I love the customers, learning about them, and hearing their stories. You have to love what you do to find success, and we love going to work every day and serving our customers.”

The Fernandez’s also say they look forward to becoming part of the fabric of the communities they serve and supporting local efforts.

The three supermarkets have undergone recent updates, and customers can soon expect a broader range of products and exciting promotions. Along with the usual grocery items, the store will also offer new organic and natural foods, a more extensive selection of dairy and prepared foods, and a section dedicated to imported meats and cheeses.

Other notables include implementing a loyalty rewards program, home delivery services, and curbside pickup.

“The changes we made have positioned us to be more competitive with other grocers in the area while maintaining a fresh product line in all departments, especially in our perishable department,” said Fernandez.

The Brigido’s supermarkets will be sourced through Allegiance Retail Services, of whom Fernandez is a premier member.

Allegiance Retail Services supports independent supermarkets (Foodtown, Freshtown, D’Agostino, Gristedes, Pathmark, LaBella Marketplace, Brooklyn Harvest, Market Fresh, Morton Williams, Big Deal Food Market, Green Way Markets and Shop’n Bag) by providing them with marketing, advertising, technological and merchandising support, and a full line of private label products, including Foodtown, Green Way and Rancher’s Legend.

Although Brigido’s stores are already operating, grand openings with special events are scheduled for early September.