15 Key Benefits of Trade Advertising to Improve Sales

A recent study by the award-winning business marketing agency Adcomm group, reveals fifteen key elements of trade advertising that will help to boost the sales of your company.

In a world crammed with agencies that focus solely on consumer marketing and advertising, many companies fail to understand the tangible benefits of trade advertising. This is in part because many of these companies don’t have an understanding of trade advertising.

This nine-minute presentation that was introduced by the Adcomm group will inevitably lead your marketing staff to ask, why we didn’t think of this?

This will presentation will help you:

  • Drive sales of new products and services with buyers
  • Introduce new flavors/varieties packaging
  • Educate buyers on your position in category and share success stories
  • Convey new merchandising ideas and seasonal offerings
  • Communicate your points of difference
  • Open new markets and channels
  • Provide consistent communication
  • Become/Remain a category leader
  • Target key volume accounts

Some points mentioned per benefit of trade advertising include:

1. Communication

Benefits of communication, over communication vs. under communication, avoiding “Why didn’t I hear about this?”, brand awareness

2. Gain Share

Gaining in-store real estate
Persuading retail buyers about the benefits of your product

3. Targeted

Reaching out to highly targeted markets in the retail industry

4. Reach/ Multiple Buying Levels

The benefits of “word of mouth” advertisement after reaching the appropriate audience

5. Effectiveness

The proper use of Ads and Titles could produce a high ROI

6. Low-Cost Per Contact

B-2-B Advertising targets the key decision makers effectively lowering cost per contact to $0.24.

7. Consistency

Important to consistently use a single clear company strategy. Studies show that there is a high correlation between this and lower/consistent trade ad spending.

8. Control

Controlling message content and timing.

9. Frequency

The more impressions companies make, the higher brand awareness, the higher the profitability.

10. Commitment

Continual presence in trade publications helps develop industry perceptions of leadership, commitment, and innovation

11. Reliability

Trade magazines are the number one source for industry leaders to keep up with trends in the market.

12. Credibility

Placing your ad in the right trade magazine adds a high amount of credibility to your company

13. Awareness

Advertised products increase buyer awareness by 250% in comparison to non-advertised brands

14. Leads

Advertisement in trade magazines produces a number of “leads” for retail buyers to contact distributors, visit websites, etc.

15. Sales Support

Advertising in trade magazines provides the support your company needs with their presence in shows, reaching distributors, owners, and buyers before and after major events.