Focus your Sales on Young Latinos in the United States

The purchasing power of young Latinos in the United States is considerable. They currently represent 18% of the total population, according to the online survey platform GWI. They are an important consumer group.

How do you sell your products or services to them? One effective way is through online and personalized sales, which provide a better experience. For example, consider doing a market analysis to know their date of birth, their language, and their preferences and habits. That will tell you which generation they belong to and what they like. This way, you can present them with a tempting offer and above the competition.

Include Aspects of Latin Culture

Today, celebrities have a significant influence on young Latinos. That is why most of them are guided by celebrities when shopping.

According to Entrepreneur, 46% know about brands through influencers and other public figures who endorse them.

Also, 88% use digital media to view ads containing aspects of their traditional lifestyle.

Therefore, you need to innovate and include talents that become ambassadors of your brand to gain followers.

These data help design a successful marketing campaign. Take them into account.

Use “Spanglish” Language

There are many ways to get millennials from Latin American countries interested in your articles. The best is to use a language they know.

For example, combine English with Spanish in brand advertising. That is, what is popularly known as “Spanglish”.

This language mixture has existed in the United States for many decades. 

How did it come about? In response to the immigrants’ need to communicate with native speakers. It is not a language as such, but it is accepted.

It means alternating words or phrases, both Spanish and English so they can relate with their way of speaking. 

Board the Hispanic Market in an Integral Way

While it is true that cultural references and language are essential, the values of young Latinos are much more so.

They will see it as superficial if you focus only on the first two points. For this reason, your advertising approach must be integral.

Remember that this group is too diverse in age, gender, and income and is disproportionately urban. 

Although not all of them live in the city, the places where they have made their homes naturally influence their lives as consumers.

They notice outdoor advertising more than Americans of the same age, so placing advertising elements is critical.

Implement Ads That Generate Interest 

Like other millennials, young Latinos in the U.S. also use social media as a source of entertainment and information.

They often do so to hang out enjoyably, interact with others, and keep up with the news, so this is an excellent opportunity to connect with this audience.

Develop a digital marketing strategy that will help you gain their trust. First, you need to know which platforms they use most frequently so you can create quality content according to their tastes and preferred format.

It is easier to sell to someone if they know what they want.

Post with Latin Elements 

To get these consumers to notice you, your online posts must have elements of Latin origin.

A post in Spanish with images or videos related to their culture and ways of behavior is just an idea.

Latinos are very proud of their cultural values, so they pay a lot of attention to posts that remind them of them.

These should be relevant and contain links that direct them to your store or brand so they can see all the products you are promoting.

When you incorporate photos or videos of Hispanic people, members of this group may feel that you are speaking directly to them.

Understand the Difference Between Hispanic and Latino

Another critical aspect is the terms you use to address your audience. Generally, people refer to Hispanics and Latinos regardless of the difference, and this is incorrect. The word “Hispanic” refers to people with a Spanish-speaking background. Instead, “Latino” describes geography, specifically Latin America. Refrain from labeling them that way, as they may not like it, and it may backfire. Remember that this is a very heterogeneous segment that sometimes wants different things. Use Latin music to make them feel connected to their region of origin. Popular culture is always a good support.

Be Language-conscious on your Platform

Want to communicate effectively with young Latinos? Then, look at how you speak to them through your website.

Based on assumptions, many brands treat them as if all need help understanding English. 

The truth is that nearly half of those who shop online do so in English. Instead of assuming they are not bilingual, consider three types of audiences: those whose primary language is Spanish, those who are comfortable speaking both languages and those who are fluent in English only.

Add all the options to accompany them in their buying journey.

Understand Spanish-speaking Social Networks

Social media is a reflection of the cultural diversity of Hispanics. Understanding it is part of your task to get closer to this community.

When you deeply understand cultural and linguistic differences, it’s easier to design content that appeals to the people you want to reach.

Hiring marketing experts is possible if you want to do something other than your research or have the expertise.

It’s worth the investment to find out which channels they are most active on and to keep up with buying trends.

According to the Pew Research Center, Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular platforms among 13- to 17-year-olds. Facebook is just a little behind.

Create Mobile-friendly Campaigns 

U.S. Hispanics love to surf the Internet from their cell phones. According to the polling firm Nielsen, 98% own a smartphone. That’s five points higher than the general U.S. population. On average, they spend more than 30 hours a week looking at their devices. What they do most is watch videos on YouTube, listen to music, and search for contacts. 

According to the company H Code, in its analysis focused on Hispanic consumers, young people spend six hours daily checking social networks on their mobile. Therefore, it is more likely that they will see your ad if you develop appropriate advertising campaigns for these devices.

Produce Engaging Marketing Videos

Another habit of Spanish-speaking people is to spend time watching TV as a family. They spend more hours in front of the screen than Americans. Why not create marketing strategies for this format? It’s an excellent opportunity to reach your target audience.

Create memorable videos to persuade young Latinos about your products and services. The idea is to speak directly to them in their homes.

Promotional videos for television should be short in length. A minute and a half or so, so they don’t get annoyed.

Target the Consumer at Various Times of the Day

It would help if you had more than one ad to achieve your goal. The best way to impact your multicultural audience is to target them at different times of the day. Whether young people are at the office, in their car, at home, or using their cell phones, this tactic helps sell products. But make sure you offer them something new and creative. Why? The purpose of this strategy is to impress consumers without overwhelming them.

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What benefits do you get from frequent messaging? More sales. It allows them to become familiar with the brand and feel a sense of trust.

Ultimately, it would help if you had a proper marketing plan to sell to young Latinos in the U.S., including online and personalized sales.

What else should it contain? Elements of Latino culture, Spanglish language, a comprehensive approach, and appropriate terms to refer to the community.

Also, campaigns are suitable for social media, television, and cell phones. The day-to-day strategy is equally important to get the message across.

As this is a growing sector, there are many opportunities to do business with them. Studying the market well and giving them what they need is a matter of learning it.

Already have your strategy ready? Engage with young Latinos first and analyze the situation. Then, go after them with innovative ideas. 

This way, you stand out and sell your products.