Sedano’s Supermarkets Starts its Annual Season of Giving

Sedano’s Supermarkets, a Florida-based grocer, gives back to its community through events, giveaways, donations, and more. This year, Sedano’s is giving back to the local communities that have been part of the establishment’s history through This Season of Giving.

The supermarket’s event aims to bring the nostalgic flavors of the Latino culture to the South Florida community during November and December. The results are festive giveaways, charity events, and more.

“Season of Giving is the time of year in which we have the opportunity to connect with our community, our familia. We have the opportunity to hear directly from the individuals that have always supported us and learn a little more about how they celebrate their traditions during the holidays and how we can better serve them and their families,” said Javier Herrán, chief marketing officer at Sedano’s Supermarkets. “Sedano’s looks to be a figure in the community that people can lean on to both celebrate new traditions and honor flavors of their old ones, bring people together over a shared love for culture, and encourage people to lift each other up during the holiday season.”

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Season of Giving: November

On November 4th, Sedano launched its Season of Giving with The Li’l Abner Foundation. This organization is dedicated to providing children with tools and resources to enrich their education.

Throughout the annual Season of Giving, Sedano’s will be partnering with local South Florida organizations to donate bags to distribute. The bags will have canned goods, yams, potatoes, pie, and turkeys. The organizations will distribute the bags to their respective communities: Charity Of St. Teresa, Vicente Paul St. John, Vicente Paul St. Michael, Everglades Preparatory School, District 6 Dade County Public School, District 7 Dade County Public School, Miami Palmetto School, Camara Comercio Westchester, and Dominic Church food pantry.

On November 5th, Sedano’s and Magic 107.7 supported Orlando’s community by donating 150 turkeys through a giveaway in partnership with the radio station. Winners were announced on November 19th.

Sedano’s partnered with Univision to host “Cena Contigo”, and chose ten underprivileged families for a Thanksgiving feast. Each family received $100 gift cards for grocery shopping and a bag full of seasonal items.

Season of Giving: December

On December 9th, Sedano’s will be sponsoring a Santa Snowblast that will be taking place in Hialeah. Santa Snowblast is a family event celebrating Christmas, where guests will enjoy amusement rides, snow for the kids, and much more holiday fun! Attendees can stop by the Sedano’s tent to receive gifts.

Customers could also nominate friends or family members to win $500 worth of groceries and get their carrito (grocery cart) filled with Sedano’s goods.

To wrap up its annual Season of Giving, Sedano’s will partner with two different local organizations to support toy and food distributions during December. In partnership with Amigos for Kids, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending child abuse, Sedano’s will serve as a drop-off location for toys that children will receive for the holidays. The local grocer encourages its community constituents to bring in a toy during their next visit to participating stores. In partnership with The Latin Chamber of Commerce of the United States (CAMACOL), Sedano’s and other vendors will distribute food-filled gift bags to those in need.

Sedano’s has a partnership with El Sembrador, a Hispanic food product manufacturing and distributing company, to give away a car. To enter the giveaway, visit here.