Diet: 5 factors that can ruin your nutrition plan and how to fix it

Doing a diet seems to be the latest trend among many and one starting to grow among the Hispanic population. Fighting obesity is one of the major challenges facing many Hispanics in the United States, where 42% of Latino adults are overweight, according to the Latino Community Obesity Prevention report.

The problem of maintaining a balanced diet among Latinos goes beyond simply satisfying the appetite, because it has a deeper connection, related to the emotional realm of the Hispanic family and culture.

Here are 5 factors that endanger your diet and the solutions to continue eating healthy:

1. You skip meals or reduce food consumption too much

This does not reduce calories during the day. On the contrary, it can lead to uncontrollable hunger and overeating.

Solution: Plan how you can distribute your calories in three meals and one or two snacks a day. It’s easier to control the portions when you know you’re going to eat every time.

2. Overeating during the weekend

It is very easy to destroy all the effort you made to eat healthy during the week. Your weight will not change if you constantly take two steps forward and two steps backwards.

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Solution: Weigh on Fridays instead of Mondays. If you’ve had a productive week, you’ll see it on the scale and keep you motivated over the weekend. You can also “reserve” some calories to use as you like during the weekend.

3. You try to do too much at the same time

If you are one of those people who does not move from the armchair and who never cooks, do you think that you can suddenly commit to running every morning and preparing healthy lunches and snacks every day?

Solution: Make your goals reasonable and set priorities. You may first want to work on your exercise regimen and look for healthy alternatives in restaurants. If you’re in a hurry, an easy choice is to choose a replacement food, such as Formula 1 Herbalife Shake Nutrition Mix that contains 21 vitamins and minerals.

4. You use food as a reward for exercising

Many people are fooled into thinking they have burned more calories during an exercise routine than the actual amount and use that as an excuse to overeat.

Solution: Make sure you know how many calories you actually burn when you exercise (you can find many resources online), and compare that amount with the number of calories you’re trying to consume after exercising.

5. You want your diet to produce quick results

It may take weeks for a new habit to become part of your routine. Do not give up after a few days.

Solution: Make sure the new habit you are trying to establish is reasonable and something you can achieve. Recognize that changing a behavior is a process and you may fall into old habits from time to time.