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Product Showcase

On each print publication, we select an exclusive number of products that stand out due to their quality and high consumer demand, showcasing them in or ‘escaparate’ (cupboard) section.

Natural Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chips Charras

Enjoy the delicious line of tortilla chips that Tostadas Charras offers in different flavors: Natural, Chile Lemon, Cocina Mexicana, and Poblano. Discover the real Mexican flavor. Try them all! Palacios and Son’s LLC. | 469-449-2060  

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Cool Toons Candies

Cool Toons Halloween

Celebrate Day of the Dead skulls. Dress up with all the flavor of the Mix-teriosos. Have fun with Neon Puerquitos. Turn on the Heart with the Corazón Neón candy stick and have a very cool party with the Laser candy stick. Three flavors accompanied by luminous sticks. Mazuma Trading | …

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Ducal Pot Beans

frijoles enteros, beans

What are the pot beans that Central Americans refer to? They are whole cooked beans, prepared with a light touch of garlic and onion to highlight their flavor. With the new Ducal Pot Beans, you only have to open, serve and enjoy! Goya Foods Inc. | 201-348-4900 | fax:  …

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Refried Beans

verde-valle-2017-08 - frijoles refritos, refried beans

Isadora is the #1 brand of pouch beans in Mexico. They are refried beans made with homemade recipes and natural ingredients, freshly cooked and packed without preservatives. They can be heated in the microwave or directly in the pan. Now with a new, more striking and appetizing image. Verde Valle …

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Dulces Mr. Mollo

vilore-dulces mr. mollo, Mr. Mollo

Vilore Foods is pleased to announce the distribution of the brand Mr. Mollo candy manufactured by the company Virc Snacks. Its differentiated products include sweet and sour gummies varieties with an apple and lemon flavor, as well as the spicy flavor of the chamoy / tamarind chamoy mango. Available in …

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Grill Sausages

sigma-fud-salchichas, grill sausages

Enjoy this grilling season with our new line of grill sausages, perfect to accompany them with the family, bros, friends or anyone. Savor the new Grill Sausages with pico de gallo or make some jocos with Jalapeño & Cheddar Hot Links, we have many options! Bar-S Foods | A Sigma …

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Botanas Charras

botanas-charras, charras

Enjoy the new snacks that Tostadas Charras offers: Donilokas, Sal and Limón, Chile Limón and Chile Extreme. Also try the new Charroncitos flavor Chile and Limón. For your meetings, try your package of 24 units with product assortment of Donilokas and Charroncitos: Charra Mix. Try them all! Palacios and Son’s …

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Pocas Splash


Enjoy our refreshing and delicious Carrot Juice. Pocas “Splash” comes mixed with mango, pineapple or orange in the sizes 25.40 oz. and 10.10 oz. It is 30% concentrated juice, contains vitamin A and high vitamin C content and has no preservatives. It’s perfect for this summer, you’ll love it. Pocas …

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