The Formula For The Success of Grupomar & Tuny products

More than 50 years ago, Mr. Antonio Suárez Gutiérrez decided to venture into fishing, which propelled him to become one of the pioneers of his industrialization in Mexico, and managed to have one of the largest fishing fleets in the world.

He had to fight hard battles against the U.S. embargo on Mexican tuna, but found through the creation of the Grupomar association, the perfect way to market tuna through his Tuny brand.

Suárez arrived in Mexico from Asturias, Spain more than half a century ago. As the president and founder of Grupomar, he’s ensured that every step he’s taken in his life is driven by the great love for his family and work.

In 1980, Don Antonio began to participate in the fishing industry. He built two vessels, which at that time cost him $ 20 million.

When The United States made the first tuna embargo against Mexico, he faced the collapse of the export of Mexican tuna to the United States. However, he did not give up, and to continue in the business. Don Antonio sent his fishing boats to the African coast, where he developed the commercialization of tuna to Europe.

He successfully opened new markets with his fishing activities. His success led him to be named president of the National Association of Tuna Producers in Mexico. He went on to become one of the owners of the largest fishing fleets in the world.

Meanwhile, the pressure of the United States against Mexican tuna increased, imposing a secondary embargo on all countries that bought tuna from Mexico. The measure resulted in the closure of all markets for Mexico and led to the bankruptcy of all shipowners who were not integrated with the canning factory and brand.

Looking for a way to stay afloat, Don Antonio sold part of his fishing fleet and began the transformation of his business. He bought a plant that was then owned by the Foreign Trade Bank, created the Grupomar association, and in 1996 started the development of the Tuny tuna brand.

Since then, Grupomar has been growing and modernizing, integrating with ships, canning plant, distribution, marketing, workshops, boat, and lid factories. Currently, they employ more than 2,500 people in the plant located in Manzanillo.

Tuny has become one of the leading brands within the category in Mexico with the most extensive portfolio of seafood products.

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Tuny products are pioneers in the development of tuna salads, the easy opener in the category, as well as being the only Mexican brand to process canned salmon, octopus and squid products, innovation in presentations such as can in different sizes, the pouch or bag, glass, in biodegradable pet (Tuny To Go), among others.

To position Tuny in the market, Grupomar has developed a brand positioning strategy with information analysis, support from the promoter’s team, and strategic alliances with other brands, strengthening their presence in all sales channels.

Consumers recognize the quality, the best price, and the great taste of Tuny products. Also, they have the confidence that they are prepared under the highest standards of quality, safety, sustainability, and legislation as Grupomar’s Tuny products have certification for all processes from the capture of raw material, processing, and marketing.

Thanks to the various studies conducted by Grupomar on the consumer’s behavior, they have developed different alternatives for the consumption of tuna, both in flavor varieties and in presentations, exploring new materials, such as recyclable pet, the material used for Tuny To go.

Technology is also a fundamental part of the evolution of the marketing processes of Tuny products. Grupomar is currently developing new tools to make processes and purchases more efficient with its customers to offer a better experience and speed of response through online orders.

The company’s goal is to be the pioneer in the category of tuna in the e-commerce channel.

Don Antonio stressed that Tuny is a 100% Mexican brand, that cares about consumers and that every day works to improve products and offer innovations, as well as continue to satisfy different lifestyles, always with the commitment to take care of the environment and guarantee product for future generations, in addition to being a generator of jobs.

His commitment, he explained, “is to continue working and enlarging this company, which I consider exemplary, thanking all the magnificent collaborators that are who support the company and make it thrive.”

The pioneer of the tuna fishing industry revealed what has been its formula for success for more than half a century: “I do everything with love, the one that has characterized me since my arrival in Mexico 52 years ago. That same love I share with my wife and Mexico.

The love that I transmit to all my collaborators is to do great things for others. Thanks to that, we managed to make Tuny the second most important brand and leader in some states of the Republic. Also, the brand that sets the trends within our industry category. Grupomar and Tuny, always stay ahead!”