Plastival Display: Plastic Display Racks for Your Store

The culture of the “disposable” display is coming to an end thanks to the work of Plastival, a Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture and innovation of high quality and more durable plastic display racks for the retail market.


Founded in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in 1968, Plastival began as a plastic injection maquiladora for the pharmaceutical industry, but with the growth of the retail sector, in the 1990s it decided to enter the racks (or exhibitors) market for Point of Sale.

In a few years, Plastival became the industry leader in Mexico manufacturing plastic and metal displays. For the past five years, they’ve focused exclusively on manufacturing high quality resistant plastic display racks. For more than 20 years the company has been distributing its exhibitors throughout Mexico, Latin America, and the United States.


Plastival offers six different display models for stores. You request your color of preference as well as the number of trays and the distance between each level where the tray goes.

Among the most outstanding products of this company are:

Water jug DISPLAY

If you are looking for strong water jug displays, strong enough to support the weight of 20 jugs of approximately 20 liters each, Plastival has the solution.

You can customize the design, number of levels, and color. It comes with styrene advertisement printed digitally. It’s easy to assemble.


A strong and durable plastic display, with a perfect square shape. The tray measure is 44x44cm. Which can be injected in polypropylene with screen printing or stickers. Choose the color and the number of levels. It comes with an advertising display and it’s easy to put together.


This display has a rectangular shape, its approximate measurements. Tray measures: 63 x 43 cm / 24.80” x 16.92”. It comes with polypropylene injected trays printed in serigraphy or with stickers. PVC poles and easy to assemble the structure. The number of levels is customer choice. Color according to the needs of the client.


Shares the same rectangular shape as the previous product, but it’s larger. It has a tray that measures 70.50x 42 cm / 27.75” x 16.53”. Like the previous models, you can select the number of levels, color, and even the advertising and screen printing.


If you want an innovative design that allows a complete vision of your products, the circular display is for you. The diameter of the tray is 46.80 cm, super easy to assemble and it’s as customizable as the other models.

Plastival offers six different models of store display racks and they can personalize the colors the client chooses, as well as the number of trays and the distance between each level and other customization features.

Here you can download the Plastival Catalog or visit its website for more information.

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Plastival’s exhibitors are being sold mainly to companies that distribute Hispanic products in the southern region of the U.S, such as Texas and Arizona, and seek to continue with their expansion plan to export their exhibitors to more regions in the United States.

Product list

  • 5 Bottle Display
  • 10 Bottle Display
  • Square Display
  • Rectangular Display
  • Mega Rectangular Display
  • Circular Display

Due to their efficient design, durability, and easy assembly, they are increasingly receiving greater acceptance in the U.S market.

Why Buy Plastival Display Racks?

Plastival Displays looks cleaner and more modern than other displays that are made from metal. Another advantage is that these displays do not rust. Their displays are just as tough as the metal ones.

They are detachable and portable so they can be transported without hassles.

Plastival Displays are designed to protect the products being displayed. The frames and walls of the display don’t damage or scratch anything so you can be sure your products will remain as new as when they came out of the box.

These displays are versatile in use. For instance, if you get a 5-level display for 10 bottles, you can choose to place a 3-level display for 6 bottles, and a two-level display for 4 bottles.

Those interested in obtaining more information about Plastival exhibitors and to place their orders can contact Francisco Valencia Sandoval by writing to his email [email protected] or by calling +52 (33) 3812 1770; Cell: +52 1 333 6612368.