Miami Global Food Broker: Experts in Specialty and Multicultural Products Services

Miami Global Food Broker, Inc (MGFB), a national specialty and multicultural food and beverage sales and service company, continues to grow through its e-commerce platform to facilitate in-market service delivery for its clients, and

Jim Velásquez, founder – managing partner, MGFB.

MGFB is a multi-talented brand builder with over 70 years of collective sales and service knowledge and experience. In addition, each of its members has a particular area of expertise and a proven track record of success.

The company was founded to develop the most successful, creative, and dynamic strategy to bring its clients’ brand to market and the shelves. With their clients, they develop a personalized and unique action plan that allows them to grow in the food and beverage industry.

In 2021 Miami Global Food Broker entered into a strategic alliance with HMD-Hispanic Market Developer (, dedicated to developing brands at the point of sale. HMD has in-house technology and coverage in the primary Latin-concentrated states. 

This alliance is very effective for any brand that wants to increase sales and gain market share in retail.

It takes more than a great-tasting, unique or well-priced product to capture shoppers’ attention, gain valuable shelf space, or generate sales orders in today’s competitive food industry. MGFB offers the relationships and expertise needed to navigate the complex route to the shelf.

The MGFB team ensures that its clients’ products are in stores, priced correctly to sell profitably, and positioned to attract buyers. In addition, Miami Global Food Broker handles the lengthy negotiations and follow-up necessary to achieve sales success.

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Miami Global Food Broker Services

Specialty food trading requires an agent with particular skills and connections.  MGFB has the knowledge, experience, and client base to position your specialty products in the marketplace successfully.

They also have the expertise to expand sales of multicultural products to mainstream markets while retaining core customers’ loyalty.

Strategic positioning

Each Miami Global Food Broker team member has launched, operated, and sold several brands in different categories during their time in the industry.

They have built a lifetime of connections and relationships with retailers and distributors across the country and work with them to find the perfect fit for their clients.

The company also offers its clients access to their customized sales tracker for each market area, which will make it easy for you to review updated metrics for your business at any time.

Courtesy of Miami Global Food Broker