Digital Environment, The new challenge for retailers

Digital is bringing new challenges to retailers as we continue to go through the entire pandemic process without knowing what lies ahead.

We see the entire food industry reinventing the best ways to sell, from brands, distributors, logistics, supply, etc. And this process will continue for the next few months until there is a better certainty of the new normal in which we hope to settle soon.

Above all, in this chaos, we have seen that the norm has been to increase technology use in all these new digital environments. From the direct application of the internet in supply chains to the use of communication platforms that allow consumers to reduce physical contact and increase sales in each attempt to stock up on the supplies they are used to.

All these variables generate a consumer with more analysis time, who quickly observes trends and in this lightning, glance makes decisions about new products.

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They no longer take their time at the point of sale, but in the digital world, their family and friends are the biggest influencers and make the purchase decision about a product or service they are talking about.

It’s only a matter of observing the comments on social networks of all those who publish their new creations in the kitchen to realize that this new digital environment has a greater influence on us. Their opinions give us new ideas, options, and even tell us where to buy without having to leave the computer.

The Digital Battle

I think that in this digital battle, the key to everything is that in the next two years, brands and consumer centers continue to create digital micro-moments, micro-content, that allow their audience to experience emotion in less than 45 seconds within from your phone screen. May that emotion be the one that makes our brand or stores viral to reach millions of people.

This content has to be thought out and followed by a strategy that helps the call to action, that in addition to saying what we do, we give them at that moment the link where they can buy the product or service with an offer that is so irresistible that they cannot let it pass.

It is a historic moment for small brands, where creativity exceeds the large budgets of leading brands. A good communication strategy and listening to the customer allow us to grow without limits to achieve spaces where there was not the same chance before the pandemic.

Creating this digital popularity allows brands to reach the eyes and ears of large chain buyers who previously were limited to seeing the products that came to their hands through a broker. Today he is convinced by audience numbers waiting to see the products in his stores and web pages.