Mesoamerica Foods Corp. Introduces ¡LISTTO!

Mesoamérica Foods Corp, a company that distinguishes itself by creating products for Latinos living in the United States, launched ¡LISTTO!

The company is known for the ¡YAESTÁ! Brand, which was born in 1973, targeted the Central American market.

¡LISTTO! is designed for other communities, such as Mexicans, Venezuelans, Salvadorans, and Caribbeans, who are looking for typical foods that are easy to prepare.


The new brand, which for the time being is accompanied by the logo ¡YAESTÁ! It comprises a catalog of around 100 products, including dried, frozen, and dehydrated products.

Some of them are already on the market, such as the breading of milanesa, chicken, and seafood.

Francisco Menéndez CEO Mesoamérica Foods Corp
Francisco Menéndez, CEO Mesoamérica Foods Corp

“We use the word ready (or listo in Spanish), which is very in our vocabulary and means it’s ready, it’s finished. It is easy to prepare,” said Francisco Menéndez, CEO of Mesoamérica Foods Corp, in an interview with Abasto.

Menéndez said that the idea is that it takes homemakers a couple of minutes to prepare a punch or cook for the whole family.

“It’s the kind of food we miss and homesick for when we leave our countries,” he said about ¡LISTTO! This brand was launched in March of this year and is already distributed in the United States and Canada.

The products include preserves such as pacayas, nance, elotito, chile piquín, onions, squash blossom, huitlacoche, nopalitos, romeritos, habanero peppers, roasted poblanos, green mango, figs, peaches in syrup, and hearts of palm, among many others.

¡LISTTO!’s frozen foods include pupusas, corn tamales, green sauce tamales, rajas, mole and sweet tamales. Guava, mamey, jocote, passion fruit, soursop, and banana leaves are other examples of products.

The beans include different types, such as black, white, red silk, and bull’s blood. And to accompany chipotle, green, taquera, or pico de gallo sauce bottles.

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New Plant To Build

The group to which Mesoamérica Foods Corp. belongs will inaugurate a new plant in November in San José Pinula, 25 kilometers from Guatemala’s capital.

Menéndez explained to Abasto that this project began three years ago and consists of a plant where all the processes are straight so that the company will double its production capacity.

It will consist of 10,000 square meters roofed and another 10,000 square meters of yards.

“Here we will process canned fruits and vegetables, and frozen fruits and vegetables, which includes whole fruits and pulps in the frozen area and the canning area, product in glass and canned product,” Menéndez said.