La Fe: Pillar in the Hispanic Frozen Food Market

On the East Coast of the United States, La Fe has established itself as one of the industry’s most recognized Hispanic frozen food brands.

With more than half a century of history, this brand has adapted and grown in a competitive market, offering products that satisfy the needs of the Hispanic community and capture the attention of consumers from diverse cultures.

Since its founding more than 56 years ago, La Fe has been a leader in providing essential products for Hispanic families.

Evolution and Expansion of La Fe

They started with foods such as frozen yucca chunks, fruit pulps, and guava paste. These products quickly became favorites of Hispanic consumers and attracted a broader audience on the United States East Coast.

However, La Fe has faced several challenges in this growth process, especially in the changing post-COVID-19 marketplace.

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One of the biggest challenges has been maintaining control of the supply chain, which has been affected by global events. However, with suppliers in regions such as Central and South America, Asia, and Europe, La Fe has managed to stabilize costs and maintain its growth.

Today, La Fe directly serves more than 12 states on the East Coast and indirectly reaches places like Illinois, Texas, and California, establishing itself as the first choice for quality products for Hispanic consumers of all generations.

Leaders in Innovation

The key to La Fe’s success has been its focus on quality and convenience, whether preparing and sharing favorite recipes among family and friends or providing convenient snacks and refreshing beverages.

The brand has developed a portfolio of more than 1,400 products, many of which are vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and A+ certified.

Its most notable products are convenient, ready-to-serve (RTS) frozen and air fryer-friendly snacks.

These innovations have allowed them to expand into large chains such as Walmart, Kroger, and Target and gain acceptance from second-generation Hispanic consumers and a mainstream audience. La Fe’s frozen food portfolio represents 65% of its business, with more than 500 products that include frozen yucca, exotic fruit pulps, sweet plantains, tostones, and a line of empanadas.

These foods are imported mainly from Latin America and the Caribbean. They also import banana leaves from Thailand, one of the best-selling products along the East Coast due to its freshness and high quality. However, they also have local products from the United States, such as frozen vegetables.

Consumer Favorites

The acceptance of La Fe’s frozen foods on the East Coast has been remarkable. According to a study conducted by WATT in early 2024, La Fe is in the top 3 for Anglo-Hispanic brand recognition and is the preferred frozen product portfolio for second-generation Hispanic and mainstream consumers between the ages of 20 and 45.

The brand’s commitment to the Hispanic community goes beyond offering quality products.

The company actively participates in donations, scholarships, and support for institutions that benefit the population. In addition, they organize local events to bring people closer to the flavors of Hispanic cuisine and promote the culture in the United States.

Freshness and Quality Distinguish La Fe

La Fe stands out for its rigorous selection process and quality maintenance. An innovation department is responsible for sourcing new products and packaging to meet market preferences.

 In addition, sensory testing and a data-driven approach ensure that products offer the best quality and taste.

GraceKennedy Foods has three distribution centers in Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey, the latter with 190,000 square feet of frozen storage capacity, to ensure that its products reach consumers fresh.

It also maintains strategic alliances with distribution partners. These infrastructures and partnerships allow the company to cover the East Coast from Maine to Florida and indirectly reach other states.

Building solid relationships with suppliers has been critical to the brand’s success. Some have been helping La Fe grow for over 30 years.

Looking ahead, GraceKennedy Corporation, with its La Fe brand, plans to continue expanding in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and soon, Europe.

With a clear portfolio growth strategy and mergers and acquisitions, La Fe will secure strong distribution channels and follow in the footsteps of its sister brand, Grace, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2022.