14 Food Distribution Companies in Miami

Food distribution companies supply a vast number of commercial establishments in Miami, United States.

These include retail stores, restaurants, catering companies, service operators, institutions, and other organizations dedicated to the sale or supply of food products.

Their job is to maintain a complete inventory so that the owners of these businesses can stock their shelves and offer variety to their customers.

Some operate independently, transporting all types of food in trucks from the factory to the stores that sell them to the final consumer.


In Miami, many stores rely on these companies to get the best groceries. Here is a list of the main distributors in this part of Florida:


Gordon Food Service is another long-established company that has been providing excellent distribution service since its founding in 1987.

They ensure timely delivery and provide what their customers need anywhere, be it a neighborhood, school, healthcare center, or hotel.

The delivery includes kitchen and baking equipment, cutlery, and dishes. They also accept orders for fruit drinks and much more.

Their transport vehicles are fast and secure, with regulated temperatures, and are driven by expert drivers.


Another food distribution company serving Miami and other U.S. cities is Dot Foods, along with its transportation subsidiary Dot Transportation.

This private company started in 1960 as a family business, delivering food from the back of a station wagon.

Twenty-three years later, it boasts a fleet of over 1500 trucks and 12 distribution centers nationwide.

With a team of over 2000 drivers, they traverse the highways to deliver all kinds of products to customers.

This includes frozen, dry, bakery foods, fruits, beverages, dairy, and natural packaging, among others.


Currently, Sysco ranks first among food distributors in the U.S. and serves 90 countries worldwide.

The industries they work with include restaurants, educational and healthcare institutions. They also distribute food and water to U.S. troops and relief groups.

Their products are fresh, high-quality, and imported, such as cuts of meat, fish, seafood, plant-based foods, and natural proteins.

They have a total of 333 facilities, 172 of which are in the United States. Additionally, they offer technological tools to facilitate the process for customers.

The Sysco Portal app allows online ordering; Sysco Shop lets you view the product catalog; and Sysco Delivery tracks deliveries.


Among the largest food distribution companies in the retail industry is Golden State Foods.

Founded in 1947, they supply over 200 brands, including well-known restaurant chains and stores worldwide.

The items they process and distribute include specialty foods and beverages, proteins, and dairy, made with the best raw materials.

They also offer liquid products such as sauces, condiments, syrups, and dressings with high-quality standards. Their contact number in Miami is 786-261-0630.


Shamrock Foods Co. began as a family business in 1922 and is now one of the country’s leading distributors.

Their specialists provide food solutions to restaurants, healthcare centers, schools, casinos, and other entertainment venues.

They also ensure inventory for lodging places and supply food products to retail markets.

They operate throughout the western United States along with their partner Trébol. Customer Service contact numbers are 855-397-4255 / 877-228-9030 / 888-977-2475.


PFG Customized has been fulfilling the orders of Americans’ favorite restaurant chains for over half a century.

They not only supply the necessary inputs but also present innovative and customized proposals to make them stand out.

Moreover, they strive to keep costs low and shorten delivery times for products traveling by truck.

The distribution centers of this company are strategically located across the country for maximum efficiency.


Recently recognized as one of the best-managed companies in the United States, Lineage Logistics specializes in cold storage.

It boasts a global network of warehouses with freezer and cooler capacities exceeding billions of cubic feet.

This ensures that food is preserved for the necessary time in the warehouses, arriving at its destination in good condition.

Lineage offers various storage systems: automated, customized, port-centric, and sustainable. Its reach extends not only across the U.S. but also into Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.


Martin-Brower Global began its operations in 1956, supplying a well-known hamburger chain. From this partnership, it added more clients to its list.

Now, Martin-Brower Global is one of the food distribution companies providing solutions to the most important restaurants and brands.

It operates with a digital supply chain that facilitates order and inventory management.

Its growth has enabled it to reach 18 countries.

In the United States, it supplies 13,200 restaurants from 28 different facilities. The team comprises 6,600 employees.


Reyes Holdings is a food and beverage distribution company, primarily focusing on offering a variety of craft beer brands.

In fact, it is the largest distributor of this beverage in the United States, with Miami, Florida being one of the areas it serves.

Annually, it delivers around 287 million cases to over 100,000 retail customers nationwide.

Founded in 1976, it has partnerships with prominent beverage brands. It has 50 facilities to provide local services.


The American company McLane Foodservice, established in 1894, is a leader in supply chain services.

It distributes food and non-food products to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as to wholesalers and pharmacies.

It has more than 80 distribution centers nationwide and over 110,000 customers, to whom it offers tailored solutions.

Its primary buyer is Walmart, its former parent company. It also supplies food to well-known restaurant chains.


From a family agricultural business founded in 1906, Ben E. Keith Foods has evolved into a top-tier food distribution company.

All the products it delivers are of high quality, including the line of foods and beverages it supplies to partners.

It specializes in delivering only gourmet frozen foods and meat cuts, fine wines, premium, and craft beers.

This has earned it an excellent reputation, evidenced by the more than 14,000 customers served across 11 distribution centers.


Maines Party & Food Warehouse has extensive experience in large-scale food distribution.

It supplies a wide variety of products to both restaurant chains and independent operators and institutions.

This includes bulk food, delicacies, party dishes, containers, and kitchen utensils. More than 7,000 customers trust this company, which has 9 distribution centers.

Its headquarters are located at: 1018 Front Street, Binghamton, NY 13905. Tel. (607) 723-8200.


With over 100 years of experience, Performance Food Group is one of the leading food distribution companies in the market.

It began its operations in 1885 and has since consistently received and delivered orders to a wide range of domestic and international clients.

It works with exclusive brands offering quality products, including pork and beef, fish and seafood, Asian and Mexican food, and supplies for pizzerias.

It also offers bottled water, juices, sports drinks, coffee, premium oils, cheeses, condiments, bread, and desserts, among other products.

It has three segments: Foodservice, Vistar, and Convenience, along with 150 locations. The Miami location is: 3595 NW 125th St, Miami, FL 33167. Tel. 305-953-4900.

14. UNFI

United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI) is a leader in distributing organic, natural, conventional, and specialty diet foods.

UNFI’s diverse catalog contains over 5,000 healthy products, with guaranteed quality.

To distribute them in the retail market, the company has 58 distribution centers, mostly located near stores.

Additionally, it has a fleet of 2,200 trucks to transport goods, delivering 2 million boxes daily.

Partnering with these food distribution companies in Miami means staying up-to-date with consumption trends and ensuring fast deliveries.

This is important in a city like Miami, where stores are frequently visited by consumers who expect to find a variety of offerings.