La Villana, Flavors that Awaken Family Traditions

La Villana specializes in three products that are favorites among consumers of typical Mexican dishes: moles, salsas, and refried beans. In such a competitive market, La Villana has imposed its seal of incomparable quality with truly Mexican flavors to awaken emotions and memories of family meals.

For La Villana, its products must fulfill the mission of offering consumers the original and traditional flavors of Mexico so that they can feel closer to their homeland.

Even the most demanding consumers are satisfied by the wide variety of top-quality ingredients used in the preparation of the products, which also comply with all food safety standards for export to the United States.

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La Villana has dedicated itself to satisfying the most traditional palates to fulfilling consumers’ desires. For example, so that connoisseurs can verify the quality of moles, the company developed packaging for the different typical moles that allow them to feel the texture of this emblematic dish.

Supermarkets and distributors will find in La Villana products an original flavor and presentation, an eye-catching design, display boxes, and small, practical boxes of only six units. They do not require refrigeration and do not contain animal ingredients or peanuts so that anyone can eat them.