Orders in Seconds: The effective digital solution for wholesale distributors and CPG brands

Many growing wholesale distributors and CPG brands are stuck in business, surviving on marginal profits because they haven’t found the right formula to get out of an outdated manual or automated processes. The good news is that their problems can be solved quickly and easily with the specialized services offered by Orders in Seconds (OIS).

The company, founded in 2005 by Oscar Guerrero, is based in Hauppauge, New York. Orders in Seconds is a pioneer in the software industry with cloud-based mobile applications and services.

Guerrero created the digital platform to help wholesale distributors and product manufacturers achieve a better order fulfillment process. With the Orders in Seconds digital solution, slow, time-consuming, and costly procedures are eliminated, making way for process automation or technology upgrades.

Lack of efficiency is the main enemy of a company’s growth. Therefore, wholesale distributors and consumer goods brands must do everything possible to optimize their workflows by increasing efficiency to stay ahead of the competition, which is fierce in the food industry.

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To create a digital sales platform that fits the needs of FMCG distributors and manufacturers and is easy to manage, OIS took two factors into account:

Understanding “who” needs their mobile solution. The “who” is essential because the OIS mobile solution is not for everyone. It is designed for mid-size wholesale distributors and CPG brands still using manual processes (i.e., pen and paper, texting, phone calls) to pull orders from the field and send them to the home office or an outdated application that doesn’t fit their needs.

Understand “why” they need the OIS mobile solution to automate. Many wholesale distributors and growing CPG brands have inefficiencies in their order-taking process. Sometimes, they don’t even know it because you set up a workflow at the beginning with a few B2B customers, and as your company grows, the workflow remains the same.

OIS offers innovative software solutions for companies of all sizes that integrate with the most popular accounting and ERP systems (QuickBooks, SAGE, SAP, NetSuite, and others) and with the latest wireless mobile solutions in real-time communication between field sales teams and corporate headquarters.

Sales reps can process more orders in half the time by following three simple steps from their smartphone or tablet, reducing costly human errors.

  • The OIS Pro app helps reduce time spent on manual administrative tasks so DSD or outside reps can focus more on selling.
  • To reduce driving time, the OIS Pro app helps create efficient in-store routes with Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze integrations.
  • The OIS Pro application reduces costs with a digital product catalog with prices, discounts, and trade promotions per customer.

Orders in Seconds also offers unlimited technical phone support with someone available on the other end of the line in English or Spanish to help answer questions in the field, so sales reps don’t waste time.

To learn more about Orders in Seconds’ services, interested parties can visit their website.