Beyond Marketing in The US

Courtesy of Market5201
The business dynamics of this country offer great opportunities, diverse and growing Hispanic areas, and a rapidly progressing community. Today, Hispanics have a very relevant economic position and a promising future.

Market5201 is a specialized food and beverage marketer structured to capitalize on these opportunities for the benefit of the brands it represents in the U.S., which are leaders in several categories and have a presence in thousands of points of sale from California to New York:

Led by Miguel Longoria, who has more than 20 years of experience in the Hispanic market, Market5201 has a top-notch commercial team located in strategic points of the country.

Miguel Longoria, CEO of Market5201“Our knowledge and experience in sales and marketing allow us to offer a unique product and comprehensive service to the brands we represent.”

Let’s Talk About Results with Commercial Innovation

Roberto Villasana, West Sales Director“For the most important U.S. Hispanic market, constant innovation is needed to meet the needs of customers and consumers.”

Market5201 has an innovative operating scheme to guarantee results based on the implementation of marketing throughout its commercial process and its alliance with Grupo Vértice, its strategic partner. Thus, consumer information, tactical actions at the point of sale, and memorable communication guarantee success in this market.

Antonio Gómez, South East Sales Director“The Southeast is an area with great potential and in constant growth of Hispanics of multiple nationalities; it is key to take care of the personal side behind each negotiation to achieve trusting, solid and long term relationships.”

The development of new products, the exploration of market niches, and digital marketing are permanent in the daily work of this marketer to achieve its sales objectives.

Eduardo Pérez, Marketing Manager

“Consumers require products that meet their needs, which are changing daily. Accompanying brands to achieve this is part of our value proposition.”

Market5201 establishes effective commercial strategies to serve national and regional retail chains, convenience stores, and distributors nationwide. The planning and management of the supply chain between Market5201’s brands and clients allow them to reach more than 12,000 points of sale throughout the U.S. in a timely manner, building solid, long-term relationships with their commercial partners.


Iván Valdez, Convenience Sales Manager“The number of convenience stores in the U.S. is impressive; success is about developing the best route-to-market strategy and having a presence in stores in Hispanic areas.”

Miguel Longoria, CEO of Market5201, mentions that “the commercial and marketing knowledge and experience we have allows us to offer a unique product and comprehensive service to the brands we represent.”


Víctor Garza, North East Sales Director“Chicago and the entire Midwest are characterized by the independence of each point of sale, and are framed in a business relationship between friends conveyed to the consumer with the day-to-day work.”

The market is constantly evolving, and Market5201, aware of this, work with dedication and close communication with its clients, always offering quality products at a fair price.

Ricardo Calles, South Central Sales Director“The south-central part of the country, with more than 12 million Hispanic inhabitants, is the second most important area for our market. We need a strategy, innovation, and much creativity to make a mark.”

Eduardo Pérez, Marketing Manager of Market5201, tells us: “Our commitment is to take advantage of market trends with business intelligence, to boost the sales strategy of each of our brands, and provide a comprehensive service nationwide with our team of merchandisers. Our sales and marketing expertise ensures the growth of our business partners by making leading brands.”

The ecosystem of brands marketed by Market5201 is undoubtedly an example of development and growth in the Hispanic market.

Market5201 has offices in the USA and México to guarantee proximity, communication, and advice wherever needed.