Grupo Bafar is Much More Than Good Products

Grupo Bafar’s more than 35 years of history are a result of the effort and dedication of its more than 14,000 collaborators, as well as the broad business vision of its Administration Council. They have managed to evolve what once started as a meat-producing plant, into a conglomerate comprising several industries, ranging from food, retail, agroindustry, and livestock, to financial services, energy generation, and real estate.

Specifically, in the food industry, Grupo Bafar is positioned as one of the leading food companies in Mexico, integrated from the food industrialization, distribution, and commercialization. Its dynamic growth is possible due to the high-quality brands and great-flavored products with high nutritional value.

In 2008 its plan to export goods to the United States started, distributing key products approved by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Grupo Bafar has an ample catalog of US-registered products under three brands: BAFAR, CAMPESTRE, and PONDERMEX. In addition, under the framework of the private label program, it offers customized products for its clients, maintaining low prices according to the needs of each client and every region. This way, its products are the best choice for Hispanic supermarket chains, offering:

  • Turkey, pork and mix hams
  • Pig cheese, sausages and different types of mortadella and bacon
  • Fully cooked breaded chicken nuggets, tenders and boneless

In addition, Bafar offers the lowest prices and a minimal sales structure. This means that no additional costs or charges are added, so the buyer gets a wholesale price which results in a wider margin. This allows them to offer their products at real prices, the same prices for the public and even lower than the competitors’.

Bafar products offer the best quality at a fair price, which allows both clients and consumers to have a balanced market.

The path to opening new markets in the United States has been a continuous learning journey for Bafar. Given the high complexity of the market, they have carefully analyzed the market’s commercialization system, the way in which it operates, as well as the rules and principles.

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Having a good price is not everything; they have to guarantee, with facts, that they know how to operate their distribution system with third-parties, that they keep their word and know how to minimize the impact of the unfulfillment of perishable products, and that they know how to build a sufficiently attractive portfolio with the potential to improve sales and justify their clients’ support, even despite the actions that their competitors will take.

Bafar has managed to consolidate its presence in states with the highest Latino population, such as California, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Nuevo Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.

2019 has been a year of growth in the United States for Bafar under the leadership of Guillermo Baeza, who is in charge of exports, and established that the long term strategy of the brands will be better adapted to resolve the needs of the local consumers of every region, as well as the active growth in the entire country, project that is already underway under the new Sales Vice President, Luis Mejía.

In terms of marketing, they will increase the investment and will move on with the digital advancement, the development of new businesses and the creation of new values through innovation in retail, food and convenience products.

In any case, Grupo Bafar continues to prioritize and invest in the development of its people. Its collaborators are the backbone of the creation of new value and constant growth.