Goya Meets Growing Demand with Plant Expansion

Goya Foods expands its North American Processing Center in Brookshire, Texas. The largest Hispanic-owned food company in the U.S. added 324, 000 square feet of production warehouses, production office and auxiliary buildings. The expansion comes as a way to meet the growing demand for their healthy product lines.

The giant food company maintains their mission to produce high quality, authentic and affordable products. They are one of the only Hispanic food companies to offer their customers low sodium, sugar free, organic and diet products.

“For more than 81 years, Goya has not only positioned itself as a leader in the Latin American food industry and a trusted American brand, but as an iconic symbol of the Hispanic culture.  Our commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of providing our consumers with products that offer ‘good taste, good for you and good value,’ all key elements that resonate with our popular tagline that our grandfather created, ‘If It’s Goya, It Has to Be Good’,” said Bob Unanue, President of Goya Foods.

The expansion project is by KDW, a Houston-based design contractor for global for global manufacturers. The project doubles Goya’s already 38,000 square foot facility, where the company produces more than 2,500 high-quality, affordable food products from the Caribbean, Mexico, Spain, Central and South America.

The completion of the expansion is expected to be done in 2018 and will also have 29 new dock doors for domestic and international distribution.

Goya Foods has new headquarters

Goya’s distribution facility will have new technologies

The expanded distribution facility will also have fluorescent lights with motion sensors, 7,000 square feet of windows, high-efficiency roof systems and an energy efficient heating and cooling system.

The project will help reach new clients and strengthen Goya’s brand throughout the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Goya’s 130-acre campus includes several satellite buildings to house water pumps, boilers, processing, refrigeration equipment and hydrostatic cooking tower. It also has a quality control lab, a technologically advanced test kitchen and a dry bean room.

The Hispanic food company is known for having products that are deeply rooted in the Hispanic culinary tradition, with authentic ingredients, seasoning and easy preparation. Founded in 1936, Goya is a leader in Latin American food and condiments.

With information from PR Newswire