Alpura, The Best Nutrition for Families

Alpura is a 100% Mexican company that for more than 40 years has been working daily to offer reliable dairy products that provide families with a healthy lifestyle. Our commitment from the beginning is to bring the best quality milk to the table.

In Alpura, our people are valued because the quality of every single one of our products is a result of the hard work of the men and women that work in a productive environment. We are more than 13 million collaborators that work to make Alpura a leading industry.

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of consumers by developing innovative products of high quality, which provide a healthy lifestyle, providing the best nutrition and confidence. Our vision is to be the number one company, in the quality and innovation of dairy products and nutritional drinks.

Thanks to the UHT (Ultra High Temperature) process and its multilayer packaging, the quality, flavor, and nutritional value of milk is preserved. You can take it everywhere without needing to refrigerate it.

In Alpura, quality starts from the origin. Since they are small, our cows receive care, a balanced diet and are supervised by zootechnical veterinarians that keep them healthy.

Celebrating the Hispanic Heritage Month by Drinking Milk

Alpura prioritizes the conservation of natural resources

As the cow feels more relaxed, she will provide excellent milk that you and your family deserve.

The conservation of natural resources and the care of the environment are priorities for Alpura. The ranches have their own farmland where, under the supervision of agronomists, the best forage is produced for our cows.

Milk is a food that meets many of the nutritional requirements of your day-to-day, so we take care that the richness and natural flavor of our milk reaches your table.

Concerned about providing quality at all times, we produce the milk you deserve. Our differentiators are quality from its origin, taste, and ergonomic packaging.

Behind each glass of Alpura milk is the care, the nourishment, and the affection towards our cows. For this reason, in our products they find the quality of origin that distinguishes us, to bring to your table the milk that the whole family deserves.