AgTools: The GPS for the Agriculture Industry Supplying Data

A farmer or buyer of fresh produce in the USA or any other part of the world is operating as if on a high-speed freeway. These farmer, buyer or others in the agriculture industry dealing with one or more fruit or vegetable, are people working with no time to spare having mainly always two key questions; How much and what is the final destination?

The agriculture industry is in constant movement with hundreds of variables in which the farmers and buyers have to make dozens of decisions on a daily basis that will affect the crops and financial bottom line. Add to this mix the strength of Mother Nature along with the changes in consumer demand.

“Many times, decisions are made based on gut instinct and vague memories”, says Martha Montoya, CEO of AgTools LLC who has worked in the agriculture industry for over 25 years.

AgTools is a key tool in the agriculture industry

AgTools is like the GPS of the agriculture industry for each farmer and buyer. “We know farmers and buyers are very experienced, with native intelligence earned over the years, but they still need the access to current and historical concise data on an immediate basis to make the best decision, improve their profitability and quality of life.”

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The algorithms developed by AgTools are used to filter through the 42 million data points regarding fresh fruits and vegetables enabling users to see a wider panorama as well as deeper knowledge of their specific commodity, all at their fingertips.

AgTools is the Winner of the Microsoft Award for information data aggregation and now in collaboration with both Microsoft and IBM, is able to guarantee that current and historical data is constant and correct for the specific commodity in the areas of pricing, climate, volume, exchange rates, fuel costs, and much more.