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Eva Gonzalez

Executive Director of Diverse Consumer Insights & Multicultural Marketing at Nielsen North America. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, and consumer insights, she transferred to the United States in 2011, where she carried out Consumer Insights for diverse groups and the promotion of initiatives on multicultural consumers.

Hispanic Millennials Seek a Cultural Connection at Grocery

Hispanic Millennials

Millennials are more “multicultural” than any previous generation. In the U.S., approximately 40% of the generation identify as Hispanic, African-American or Asian American. And over a quarter of all U.S. Millennials are first- or second-generation immigrants—many of whom have strong ties to their global origins. This diversity is shifting their …

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6 Important Facts About Older Hispanics (50+)


The general US population is becoming more and more diverse as it increases in size, and older Hispanics (ages 50+), are as important as ever to economic growth. Even if younger generations are the central focus of this growth, it is essential that we are aware of where their Hispanic …

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Hispanics and the Beauty Industry

Hispanic Beauty Industry

In the beauty industry their products attract all kinds of people. In the beauty department there is a variety of products that will help people look and feel better according to their age and needs. They range from products that meet basic needs like shampoo to keep hair clean or …

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Multicultural Consumers and Brand Loyalty

multicultural consumers-friends

Multicultural consumers are the fastest growing segment in the United States. In addtion, they provide a longer brand loyalty. Multicultural Consumers Have a Greater Lifespan Considered the fastest growing US population, multicultural consumers have another advantage in the market. They are younger and live longer than the average American. This …

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