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Abasto is the only print and digital trade publication in the U.S that caters to the Hispanic food and beverage decision maker. Our 50K+ readers are responsible for wholesale purchasing decisions

La Moderna for Kids

La Moderna Kids

Innovating year after year, La Moderna presents its new products aimed at children: pasta and soup with animals, dinosaur and sports figures. Enjoy its variety and delicious flavor at an incredible price. La Moderna | 800-944-9411 |

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La Costeña, healthy and tasty beans

Vilore - La Costeña Beans

As part of our commitment and thinking about the health of our consumers, we present the exquisite La Costeña Refried Beans, fat free and low in caloric content. In addition to containing reduced levels of sodium, they are easy to prepare, ideal to enjoy alone or as a side dish. …

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Ducal, beans with flavor!

Frijoles Ducal - Goya

Red Beans Chorizo Flavored, Black Beans with Chile Jalapeño and Black Beans with Cheese, all with the Ducal flavor that Central Americans like and now with new packaging design and improved formulas. Request them in your presentation to your GOYA representative. Distributors through GOYA FOODS INC. | 201-348-4900 | …

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Natura’s Refreshing Beverages, Perfect Summer Drinks!


Natura’s Foods offers a variety of refreshing powdered beverage flavors, made with dehydrated fruit. Horchata (in 3 presentations: Traditional, Chocolate and Ginger), Jamaica, Tamarindo and Piña Colada. Just add water and ice. Natura’s Foods, 30 years producing the best drinks of Hispanic tradition! Natura’s Foods | 909-5947838 |

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Nutrioli, healthy and delicious!

Growlink - Aceite Nutrioli

Contains omegas 3 and 6, essential fatty acids that promote cardiovascular health and are cholesterol free. From the selection of the best soybeans, to its advanced processing, Nutrioli is pure soy. Pure health! Grow-Link Inc. | 714-997-7600 |

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FUD Sausages, your family will love them

Sigma Fud

To prepare the best Sonora style hot dogs, there’s nothing like exquisite FUD sausages, available in turkey, chicken and pork. Look for them in your favorite store and add bacon, cream, and cheese Cotija FUD. We are sure that your family will love them. Bar-S Foods – A Sigma Company …

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