Reopening after COVID-19: Reconnecting With Customers

The COVID-19 storm is slowly going away and now the reality is settling in. It’s time to thinking about how our businesses are dealing with the process of reopening after COVID-19.

This new way of life or way of thinking brings great challenges to our organizations and the individuals who make them up. It is a new way of articulating our way of working, new schedules, and adapting to new habits learned during the quarantine.

During the reopening period, it’s essential to document the business lessons learned during the pandemic and understand why your customers remained faithful to your business and did not seek new alternatives.

And if they did leave, you need to analyze the main reasons and improve upon them.

Now, most business doors are open again, the challenge is to keep them afloat and understanding the new way customer interaction has evolved due to the fear of contamination.

A new communication strategy must be put in place to allows your business to connect. We need to be able to communicate our leadership and commitment to providing good products or services and that we never stop caring for our customers despite the difficult times.

It’s important to know your clients as much as possible and deepen your relationship with them.

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rE-OPENING strategy

a) Build a database of recurring customers.
b) Analyze how many communication channels you have in the company (social networks, advertisements in local media such as tv, radio or press).
c) List the community leaders and what relationship you have with them.
d) Make a budget.

Action plan

  • Create a communication calendar with topics that generate value for your customers.
  • Measure all the posts you have, both in engagement and memorability.
  • Analyze the traffic to your store or the increase in sales of your products on a weekly basis to see if it is correlated with your communication strategy.
  • Have a direct relationship with your end customer, take advantage of tools such as WhatsApp or emails.

COVID-19 reopening

Reconnecting with customers has to be done through the emotional sense of your buyer. Deeply understand what are the reasons why your customer remains by your side. You need to be consistent and persistent with your strategy and execution.

Strategic communication during the reopening phase will be the key to keep sales afloat.

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