What a FRESH PRODUCE Exhibitor Should Look For

What should a fresh produce exhibitor look for when buying a booth at a tradeshow?

A produce exhibitor will select the shows to attend based on several factors: location, audience, number of attendees, segmentation, special events, special guests, training, etc.

I’ve worked with international markets since 2008, in different expos, and for many years I have been trying to answer the question “What do exhibitors want?”

Having a booth to exhibit your products represents a significant investment of human and financial capital. When executed correctly, your exhibition program must visibly support your core business objectives and offer measurable value beyond cost.

While talking with exhibitors in the industry they agreed on similar needs when exhibiting in a tradeshow, but traffic to their booths and meetings with retail supermarkets, wholesalers, food services or potential buyers was the main concern of exhibitors.

Booth Traffic

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to have a booth in an Expo. Quality traffic does not come alone. No exhibitor likes to become an information desk. So here are some tips for fresh produce exhibitors:

  • Reserve your booth in advance to get the best possible location.
  • Generate buzz in advance using social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Get involved before, during and after the event with your followers.
  • Update your company description, contact information and upload photos to the exhibitor’s profile page.
  • The associations provide a list of attendees so you can schedule appointments in advance.
  • Talk to the people in charge of the Expos who can advise you and help you reach your goal.
  • Supply samples, drinks or food

Meet with retailers, wholesalers and food services

When attending large Expos, keep in mind that many of these meetings have already occurred the day before and that retailers or food service providers could plan to spend less time on the exhibition floor with the plan to acquire new suppliers.

So where can you find the place for both parties to meet?

By attending national and international Expos, everyone has their own reason for why they don’t do B2B or do it on a small scale.

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United Fresh Produce Association found the right recipe. In 2019, they made their first Partner X-Change for Product Suppliers. Due to the success it had, they will do it again in 2020 and adding a B2B for Solution Providers. Buying executives will look for new products and services.

Who participated? 25 executive buyers and 25 product suppliers/solution providers.

How does it work? Each participating company will organize ten 15-minute meetings with the participating suppliers.

In conclusion, you only get results based on your efforts in Expos! Make sure that, as an exhibitor, you are happy and satisfied with the opportunities to establish contacts and sales that the conference and Expo provide. To continue investing in any association and its events, familiarize yourself with your account manager in order to get personalized attention and the tools you need to succeed.

To find out what the United Fresh Expo includes, the cost and other details, visit www.unitedfreshshow.org