Opening a shop or corner “Delicatessen-Gourmet”

There are many reasons why we could justify the creation of large assortments of Delicatessen-Gourmet products in our supermarkets, or even consider creating a new line of stores dedicated exclusively to these products.

One of the main reasons is the high commercial margins that are handled in this class of products. It is important that we do not let ourselves be carried only by this condition because it’s not so simple.

First, we must know the terrain well and be attentive to the evolution of the tastes of our customers. Delicatessen-Gourmet products are characterized by high quality, originality and craftsmanship, as well as a good story that must accompany them always. We can include in this assortment a very wide range such as wines, liqueurs, oils, preserves, sweets, cheeses and sausages. Also, divide them geographically (from different states or international).

Since these are high-cost products, not all geographic locations will be optimal. It is advisable to conduct a demographic and socioeconomic study before taking the step to introduce the assortment in our stores or to build a gourmet-themed store. Also, the assortment will be very different if the store is located in a residential area of high purchasing power or in a heavily touristy area.

In the first, international and exclusive products will be the most demanded. In the tourist area, the typical products of the region will be much more sought after, although they are high-end and very focused on the impulses of typical sweets, liqueurs or products crafts.

The peculiar character of these Delicatessen-Gourmet products, with respect to the rest, will give a very special exclusivity to our customers because it makes them feel different from the rest. Thus, the specialization in the management of these products will be one of our main characteristics.

As experts in high-end products, we must have all our sales teams trained and specialized in managing them. Unlike the usual assortments that we can find in all the supermarkets, in our corners or gourmet stores we should not wait to give what they ask us. We must offer our customers new products, which are marketed for the first time, other than those that are in Walmart, Target, Publix or 7 eleven.

3 Rules To Have a Resounding Success in Starting a Delicatessen-Gourmet Business

  1. Quality and differentiation 100% in all products.
  2. Great presentation of the same on the shelves.
  3. Advice and total accompaniment to our clients during their visit.

In addition to this and if we want to add a “plus” of differentiation, we can offer “delivery” service in addition to include the products in our online shop. As customers of medium to high purchasing power, they will be willing to pay additional costs for the convenience of receiving direct purchase at home.

Quantity is not synonymous with more sales or quality. What is recommended for this class of products is not to reach more than 150 to 200 references.