5 Produce Display Ideas For The Holidays & Beyond

With the holidays approaching and customers starting to prepare for the different celebrations, whether they realize it or not, the way that you display your fresh produce, the visual that you provide in your store, is what attracts the customer to purchase.

Think outside the box for a minute, try cross-merchandising, and position yourself in the customer’s five senses. What would you buy to impress your family for that special lunch or dinner?

Here are five tips to display your produce during the holidays:

1. Make sure that produce are color-coordinated. Modern research has shown that when our eyes connect with color, our brains release different chemicals that impact us on a physical and emotional level. Color is so important in the world we live in, it influences people and their reactions.

  • Red is associated with high energy and power.
  • Orange is a warm, inviting, and joyful color.
  • Yellow is the color of optimism, brightness, cheery attitude, and mental clarity.
  • Green invokes renewal, balance, refreshment, and peace.

2. Use bins and containers that are clean, in excellent condition, and appealing. Use props that match the holiday and are kid-friendly. Personalize each section with other products that you are trying to sell in the store to maximize your sales. The produce display must be inviting and present a culinary opportunity. Use recipe cards, product information, coupons, ribbons, etc. but keep it nice and simple.

3. Samples of products are very attractive. Make sure to station the sample tray in an accessible place to keep it fresh and clean. Assign an employee to talk to the customers and provide nutritional information about produce. Nowadays, people like to learn the product’s origin, whether organic or not, free of GMOs, from a local farmer, or imported.

4. Review the stock that you display daily. It is disappointing for a customer loyal to a brand based on quality to get home, open that box of blackberries, and find mold on them. Ensure the products are under adequate temperature and always stock in an appealing quantity. Tilt containers forward so that all the produce is visible, even from a distance. Nobody likes leftovers.

5. Find the best products at the most competitive prices. The holiday selling season is critically important for retailers and the consumer. Upgrading your produce section will lead to improving customer engagement. Make sure to provide cost-effective and easy-to-use products. Display something eye-catching near your produce, a huge pineapple with a corner, and how to use it next to it, for example, gives customers something to discuss.

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Other products that play a starring role during the holiday season are pomegranates, chestnuts, pie pumpkins, herbs, fresh cranberries, squash, yam, etc.

Remember to prepare in advance and train your sales team accordingly.

The industry is experiencing a monumental change in consumer purchasing behavior and retail formats, causing marketing professionals like you to adapt to stay ahead of the curve continually.