5 Strategies for Managing Teams Working From Home

During the last weeks, we have experienced drastic changes in the way we work as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic (COVOD-19). For many of us who already work remotely, it is nothing new; in my case, I have done it in the past 15 years. For others, working from home, it is something completely new, both for the top managers and for the employees.

That is why I have given myself the task of sharing the strategies that work best in terms of productivity and well-being.

Working from home or partially from home has several benefits such as cost reduction, a decrease in illnesses, an increase in productivity, committed employees, less turnover, and one of my favorite benefits is that you can hire the best professionals from anywhere in the world.

But like everything, there are exceptions such as production line employees.

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Here are some tips for managing your team working from home:

  1. Set goals, dates, and delivery times through Smart Goals, times, and dates are crucial to follow an agenda and generate discipline for both you and your team.
  2. Establish a medium for effective communication. It is essential to create a communication channel that allows us to share our ideas with colleagues, bosses, and clients.
  3. Set your space, schedule, and image. Self-discipline is one of the best virtues that we can have. That is why establishing a schedule, as well as an assigned space for work, is essential. Avoid staying in your pajamas. Get dressed daily and maintain an image that motivates you.
  4. Take a break! When we work in offices, the interaction between colleagues is regular, which allows us to clear our minds and often relax. If you are working from home, take short breaks, and talk to colleagues or friends to clear up your mind and share your energy with someone else.
  5. Set up video conferences. As remote workers, we may miss the feeling of being part of a team if we work remotely. Use video calls to delegate a task or instructions. Video conferences allow us to see each other’s faces and express emotions. Let’s not forget that we are emotional beings and respond to expressions. There are free tools such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, TeamViewer, as well as more sophisticated ones that require payment.

Working from home often requires extra effort to make everyone feel like we are part of the team. That is why it is essential to keep communication open and keep everyone informed of the progress and achievements of both our own and common objectives.

This is an opportunity to integrate as a team and company. Anything we can do to make us feel like we are part of a group or company will always be worth it. I wish you the best of success!

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