5 Healthy cereal brands that you will find in the supermarket

Shelves in major supermarket chains in the United States have always been filled with various cereal brands.

But not all of them are truly healthy as they claim to be. Most contain too much added sugars and other unhealthy components.

Those operating under the DTC (direct-to-consumer) concept are focusing on addressing consumers’ unmet needs.

Not only have they created cereal grains with better nutritional properties, but they are also distributing them through retail.

That’s why now they are available not only online but also in smaller food establishments.

These products contain less sugar and net carbs. They also have a higher protein content.

Some are even gluten-free, ketogenic-friendly, and free of certain grains. Therefore, they are more beneficial for health.


Several cereal brands have made this significant leap by allowing buyers to purchase them personally in stores.

Among them are Magic Spoon, OffLimits, Crispy Fantasy, Kreatures of Habit, and Yishi, which offer breakfasts made with better ingredients.

Thanks to their nutritional benefits, they have managed to capture the public’s attention and the interest of many investors.

They are currently backed by major investment management firms, as well as famous personalities from entertainment and sports.

Magic Spoon, for example, raised $85 million in series B funding after offering its products for the first time in retail stores.

Their main ally in this growing business is HighPost, a firm that raised their total funding to $100 million to date.

Recently, the vegan brand OffLimits received a capital injection of $2.3 million.

According to the consulting firm Allied Market Research, this market was valued at $398 billion in 2020.

It is estimated that by 2030, its value will reach $729 billion.


Founded in 2019 by Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz, Magic Spoon is a brand that promotes healthy eating habits.

It currently offers eight flavors, with the first ones to hit Target stores being Fruity, Peanut Butter, and Cocoa.

Compared to traditional cereals, these cereals have healthier ingredients and high protein content.

They contain no added sugar, are low in carbohydrates, and are gluten-free, making them ideal for people with celiac disease or following a ketogenic diet.

They are also suitable for those who prefer less sugary foods, enjoy fruity flavors, and like to reminisce about childhood meals because their flavors, shapes, and colors are very similar. The difference is that they do not contain harmful additives.

Magic Spoon is sweetened with a combination of monk fruit, allulose, and stevia.

It is available in 1,300 locations and has reached over a million customers in the last three years.

In addition to the regular cereal boxes, Magic Spoon also produces cereal bars and variety packs.


Another cereal brand catering to consumer preferences is OffLimits, whose flakes are gluten-free and vegan.

It maintains a cartoonish style and vibrant colors that appeal to both adults and children without appearing artificial.

It offers crispy flavors with personality and unique functions, such as Spark, Darch, Zombie, and Flex.

For example, Flex is made from pandan leaves, spirulina, and turmeric, giving it a green color. It also has a glittery touch that makes it very appealing for nighttime snacking as it sparkles in the dark.

Renowned cookbook author Emily Elyse Miller launched this product in 2020.


This DTC brand also ventured into the retail market to reach a wider consumer base.

It resembles classic childhood cereals but is vegan and rich in protein. One serving provides 8 grams of plant-based proteins.

It comes in chocolate flavor with low sugar, but plans to add other ingredients like cinnamon and honey varieties.

The creators of this breakfast product are Andrea Rodrik and Raphaël Nahoum, who first introduced it in the UK in 2022.

Since then, it has garnered support from experts in the food industry and plans to expand into the European market.


Another cereal brand gaining traction in the retail market is Kreatures of Habit, known for its blend of healthy ingredients.

It debuted in 2021 in New York, where its founder Michael Chernow raised $2.2 million for its launch.

This food contains abundant protein from instant oats and is low in sugar. Each package contains 32 grams of protein.

It comes in different flavors like vanilla, banana, peanut butter, and maple caramel.

This brand not only specializes in selling cereals but also offers clothing, health content, and a membership system.


Made with oats and pre-packaged plant-based ingredients, this cereal provides a high amount of fiber and protein to its consumers.

As a result, its target audience mainly comprises older adults looking to gain muscle mass.

It is also aimed at those who can include sweetness in their diet, as it contains no added sugar.

The product was launched in 2021 by its founder, Lin Jiang, who was inspired by recipes from his childhood in China.

Its ingredients include taro bubble tea, toasted sesame seeds, and matcha latte, an unsweetened green herb powder.

All these cereal brands competing in the market have proven to be innovative and creative, allowing them to reach consumers who are eager to try something new and healthy.

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