10 Tips to motivate your employees

Employees are the most valuable resource in our companies. Keeping in mind that the workplace is our second home, it is our responsibility to provide our employees with a relatively harmonious atmosphere in the place where they spend most of their days.

10 suggestions to keep your employees motivated

1. Maintain a positive work environment.

It is important to encourage creativity, new ideas and initiative towards a stated goal. Our doors should be are open. Give your employees the opportunity to express themselves so that they do not feel oppressed or frustrated.

2. Participate in decision-making.

Provide your employees with an environment where they can make their decisions. Listen to their analysis, and how they arrived at those decisions. Ask questions that consist of “what if ….” And course, show them respect.

3. Get involved with the results.

Share with them their progress, listen how they intend to reach their goals and reinforce their strengths. Let them see how to improve their weaknesses. They must see you as a support rather than a hindrance.

4. Give them a sense of belonging.

When they say “our company”, “my office”, “my work,” they are identifying with the company. Help them grow that sense of belonging; this will have a more positive impact than you can imagine, resulting in much less turnover.

5. Help them grow.

What happens if you give them training? What happens if you give them access to publications related to your industry ?, What if you send them to events where they can share experiences?

You will be providing training. You are enhancing their skills. You are letting them grow.

6. Provide feedback.

Provide feedback about the performance of each employee, indicating the points where you’ve seen his or her progress, as well as providing recommendations for improvement.

7. Listen to them.

Try to meet with your employees as regularly as possible to discuss issues that are of concern to them. Perhaps you could eat together or have an afternoon coffee.

8. Thank them.

Sincerely thank them for their efforts. A mere mention of Thanks! may be sufficient. They will feel that they are important to you.

9. Reward excellence.

Recognize and reward employees who give an extraordinary performance. Many employees feel better with some public recognition. Maybe you can share the achievements of a member of the team with the rest of the company.

10. Celebrate the successes.

Celebration does justice to the efforts that are made to achieve success. At least once a month, celebrate all the achievements of your employees so that they have more motivation to keep working hard. Perhaps a ‘success’ chalkboard would be a good idea for motivating workers.