3 Steps for Monitoring Your Brand on the Internet

Nowadays, manufacturers are more exposed than ever to the eye of the consumer. A brand can be compared with substitute products from its competition and brought into price battles — and all this at the speed of a click. It is therefore important to monitor your brand by keeping track of what the online public sees.

Over the past decade, it has been amazing how we have gained access to the largest information movement in existence for a brand or business in the market. Those who are not tuned in or those who fail to monitor what is happening are simply left out of the game.

Nowadays, every company has to generate the discipline to monitor its brand name or business at least once a week. It is important to see what is being published and know what people are saying about you, both in social networks as well as blogs. If you fail to take into account a negative comment or complaint or if you neglect your customers, a snowballing effect of negative feedback is created online. And once it takes on a life of its own, it cannot be stopped.

Be sure to review your online  presence at least once a week.

Given the influence and accessibility of all this external information, you need to review your online presence on social networks. Go to the statistical information on your Facebook page and analyze the comments left there. Take note of where the visits and ‘likes’ come from and check to see what the published points are that have a major impact on your community. At the same time, these strategies can also help you know what your competitors are doing. Subsequently, you can then analyze the strategies that have worked for them.

In conclusion, at the speed of a click, you can get to know your areas of opportunity. Use this information to understand what products or services your consumers are looking for.

3 easy steps for monitoring your brand:

1. Google, Bing and Yahoo

  • Be sure to use each of these search bars to look for the following:
    the name of your brand or business.
  • your brand’s category.

Google Trends

Here you can check to see what is being said about your brand within your industry. You need to analyze what you can learn from this information and make the best of it.

Google Insights

Google Insights provides a visual representation of the keywords that connect you globally or within a specific territory.