Movie-Perfect Turkey for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving arrives, and the turkey is the protagonist. If you want to surprise everyone with a delicious, golden and well-formed turkey like the ones in photos, ads, and movies, discover this secret! This movie-perfect turkey will only be achieved when you tie it well and bake it with height.

Among Latinos, because of tradition or ignorance, we bake the turkey soaked in the marinade and all the juices it releases, making it almost “stewed.”

To bake with height, you only need a v-rack or grid in the form of V, a piece placed in the baking mold that allows raising the turkey, separated from the bottom and from the accumulating juices.

A golden and crispy turkey

This way, the hot air circulates on all sides to give it a unique cooking, a perfect golden brown, and a crispy and tasty skin. Cutting it will be easier, and you will get even portions you can handle and serve better.

Take advantage of the bottom of the mold to roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, or onions. They will be delicious when cooked in the juice that the turkey releases and you can serve them as an accompanist with the turkey’s juices as a sauce.

For the turkey to be juicy, bathe it in its own juices 3 or 5 times while it cooks, and with the help of a thermometer, take it out of the oven when it reaches 155º-160ºF so that, in those 20 minutes of being outside and covered, it can finish cooking with its juices and will be much tastier.

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You can buy the grid or the complete duo of the baking dish with the rack. Forget about the disposable aluminum trays, with the risk of bending, breaking, or causing unwanted accidents.

Now you see that this trick will make your turkey the center of your table. All eyes will be on your turkey, which could even become famous on social media. Happy Turkey Month!

Doreen Colondres is a celebrity chef. Author of the book La Cocina No Muerde. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @DoreenColondres and visit,, or purchase her book on Amazon or iTunes.