Try Delicious Tuny Tuna salad

That time you do not stop to eat delicious and healthy. Give you speed and convenience to your life. Give tuna salads Tuny. Enjoy the 3 varieties of salads that Tuny offers: the tuna salad

Spring without mayonnaise, the Regular mayonnaise and Light mayonnaise with low-calorie. Convenient, nutritious and delicious. Yours is tuna Tuny!

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The brand Tuny, 100% Mexican , offers a wide variety of products, like tuna in water or oil and salads with or without mayonnaise, among many more, all already ready to eat, free of preservatives and with easy to open in their tin presentations, also counting the presentation pouch, for every occasion, we always give you the solution.

About Tuny Tuna

Tuna is a healthy and nutritious food, high in protein and low in fat and calories. Among the essential nutrients it contains are calcium, niacin, vitamins A, B and D, and Omega–3 fatty acids.
Proteins of the tuna, as of other fish, move easily and are metabolized very effectively. A tin of 140 g of tuna can provide nearly a third of the recommended daily serving of protein and 40% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin B12.
Tuna is an excellent source of vitamins B3 and B12, to the extent that the contents of these vitamins outperforms the rest of fish, meat and eggs.
The tuna protein helps repair cells and produce new cells, as well as the formation of muscle and is also a natural source of calcium and niacin.