New Pinol Triple-action Liquid Laundry Detergent

New Pinol Triple-action liquid laundry detergent

Pinol gives you a deep wash, removes stains easily and in the end leaves a rich and fresh fragrance in your clothes. Its triple action and delicious Fresh and Floral fragrances are the perfect combination of aroma and performance. Be sure that is for all washers including I. What do you expect? Go by your pink bottle and try it, you’re going to love.
Whether it’s bathtubs, ceramic sinks, kitchen counters, walls and baseboards, laundry or the garage, PINALEN® Original freshens, cleans and degreases.

Multipurpose Household Cleaning

Clean– Use this cleaning product for floors, glazed ceramic tile, garbage cans, kitchen cabinets, toilet bowls and sinks, even whitewall tires.Deodorize- Remove food smells from garbage cans and sink drains and freshen your laundry when added to your regular detergent.

Carpets, Furniture and Walls– Clean crayon markings, gum, pen ink or food stains out of carpets, rugs and on walls without damaging, decolorizing or bleaching fabrics or textures.

Laundry– Fight your toughest stains like red wine, grass, makeup, red pen ink, crayon, gum, grease and food like ketchup and jelly on your white and colorfast fabrics.

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